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Japan’s flip-phone adore event continues as smartphone shipments shrink

In an swap star where adult is down and black is white, some-more underline phones get shipped year-on-year while a replacement, a smartphone, sees sales stall. That’s apparently what happened in Japan final year though, according to MM Research Institute. For a initial time in 7 years, flip-phone shipments grew — and grew by 5.7 percent to a hard-to-comprehend 10.58 million units. In a same year, smartphones units shipped fell 5.3 percent, down to 27.7 million. Flip-phones still make adult a surprisingly vast suit of phone sales in Japan and it’s indeed a second year in a quarrel that a marketplace investigate organisation has remarkable a dump in intelligent device sales. MM Research’s Hideaki Yokota told Reuters: “Smartphones are also peaking in terms of functionality and they tend to final a prolonged time as well, so there are fewer renewals.”

He combined that final year was a clever year for renewals within a subscription cycle; people were looking to reinstate their presumably really aged flip-phone and so this could usually be one final hand for a flip phone. While a common reasonings of an aging multitude and a enlightenment of “galapagos phones”, specifically designed for Japan, get wheeled out, there some easier to know reasons since people adhere to a underline phone series.

With a miss of touchscreen (even a new high-end flip-phone, entrance shortly with 4G LTE and entrance to Android apps can usually be tranquil by buttons), and generally smaller displays, a battery life (compared to smartphones), is distant some-more manageable. Also, with some of a many costly mobile phone contracts in a world, flip-phone contracts are particularly cheaper — since well, you’re substantially not going to use most data.

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