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JB Holmes wins Shell Open though still wonders about missed shot time defilement …


DOUG MILNE: We’d like to acquire a 2015 Shell Houston Open champion, J.B. Holmes. Congratulations on your fourth career PGA TOUR victory. With your win here during a Golf Club of Houston this week, changed we to No. 3 in a FedExCup standings. Obviously an considerable week capped off by an implausible day.

J.B. HOLMES: First of all, only appreciate God for giving me a event to come out here and play good currently and only — it was only awesome. Perfect day for me. Had a lot of good shots, lot of good putts. Just a good day for me. It finished good, too. So it was a good day.

Q. J.B., we know you’re a Kentucky Wildcat fan. How unhappy were we final night? Were we dynamic to go out and revenge their respect this morning?

J.B. HOLMES: You can demeanour during it that way. It was tough. They played a good game. That shot time defilement that they didn’t — there’s a integrate things we can’t trust they don’t review. It could have been a lot opposite diversion if they take that away. But it was a good game. Wisconsin played great. It was a fun diversion to watch. We had a chances.

Q. Were we glued to a TV?

J.B. HOLMES: we was examination it.

Q. Of course, not too many people suspicion that we were going to be a man in a hunt this morning. Do we cruise we were going to be a man in a hunt?

J.B. HOLMES: Take it one shot during a time. I’m perplexing to do a best we can. we started out with 5 birdies. After that we felt like we had a chance, yeah.

Q. Is that a best turn of golf you’ve had ever or during slightest –

J.B. HOLMES: No, not even a best turn of golf we had this year.

Q. Tell us about that one.

J.B. HOLMES: 62 during Miami was by distant a best turn ever.

Q. When we posted 16, what was your mindset? Did we feel like that was going to be good enough?

J.B. HOLMES: we was hoping. we didn’t unequivocally know. At a commencement of a day we — we suspicion it would be closer to 18. Once we got — once we got to 18, we had a birdie putt. we suspicion if we could make that to get to 17, that would substantially do it. But we suspicion 16 was out there and integrate guys came adult and got it.

Q. How most of a tighten calls fueled we this deteriorate and this week from a other second place finishes?

J.B. HOLMES: I’m perplexing to win any week. It’s not fueled me or — those are good weeks when we got runner-up. They were tighten calls. Anytime we get a possibility to win, we only looked during it as a good week, and we got to keep removing adult there and get in a position to have a possibility to win.

Q. When we saw Wagner and Spieth strike their shots to tie it adult with you, is there kind of an additional adrenaline rush for a playoff?

J.B. HOLMES: we wasn’t watching. we was on a range. You know, it was indeed — after Wagner done his birdie, they pronounced he done his birdie, afterwards we was like, well, it’s a playoff. So it didn’t unequivocally matter what Jordan did. So we wasn’t astounded possibly way. we don’t even know where he was, though they pronounced he had a flattering good adult and down. Still playoff, we still got to play well. So dual or one.

Q. How did we spend a lot of your time after we finished your turn before a playoff?

J.B. HOLMES: we was examination a golf. we got something to eat and watched a golf. When Jordan got to — we saw Jordan strike his tee shot we cruise on 17, afterwards we went to a operation and only did a warm-up like we was doing for a round.

Q. What’s been a biggest disproportion for we this season?

J.B. HOLMES: Just mentally. we feel like I’ve been means to control it better, kind of let go a small bit and not get in my proceed as much. Just concentration on one shot during time. we know we contend that, though unequivocally it’s that elementary and that difficult. Just perplexing to stay present. Just especially do that. The things we can control. we can go out bland and have fun. we can do my routines properly. And we can try to stay benefaction a best we can. And those are my 3 goals any day. Whatever a measure it, a measure is. But if we do those 3 things, we cruise it a successful day.

Q. How prolonged have we been doing a extended shutting your eyes before shots, is that some-more for decrease or visualization?

J.B. HOLMES: I’m perplexing to take a low exhale and stay in a moment, not let your mind race. Just infrequently contend a small prayer. Just perplexing to relax.

Q. Was there any additional hesitancy on a proceed shots to 18 in a playoff?

J.B. HOLMES: No. Your mind wants to competition a small bit some-more there. My mind wasn’t quiet. we corroborated off on that one. Again, only perplexing to stay benefaction and only do my routine.

Q. You pronounced this wasn’t a best turn that we had or even for a year. For that front-9, a best you’ve ever had?

J.B. HOLMES: That was a flattering good front-9 (laughter). Yeah, that was one of my best front-9s. Probably my best front-9 on a Tour.

Q. After these sparkling moments, how would we like to proceed subsequent week?

J.B. HOLMES: I’m only going to proceed it a same proceed we was formulation to. I’m going to get there tonight and do a use report that we had set adult and only do a same things we do any week.

Q. Considering where we were when a day started, how does it feel right now saying this prize in front of you? Just soak it in, you’re a champ.

J.B. HOLMES: we mean, it’s a good feeling, we know. Every time we tee it up, that’s what we’re perplexing to do, we’re perplexing to win. Like we said, we didn’t unequivocally concentration on a formula during any indicate in a round. we was only perplexing to do a best we could do any hole, and during a finish of a round, afterwards we supplement it up.

I didn’t tee off awaiting to win today, but, we know, it’s a good warn (laughter).

Q. It’s been 7 years given we were during Augusta. What do we remember about personification a Masters and how do we feel like Augusta National fits you?

J.B. HOLMES: we played there progressing this week, so I’m looking brazen to it. It’s such an extraordinary place, and only to be means to be in that contest and all a story and only to be means to travel around that place is flattering amazing. I’m unequivocally vehement to get there and play. My diversion is in good figure right now. I’m looking brazen to it.

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