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Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon Wear Costumes and Beg Fans to "Come Dance …

Forget about “The Evolution of Mom Dancing” and “The Evolution of Dad Dancing“—it’s all about a destiny of dancing. In a laugh-out-loud Tonight Show sketch that aired on NBC Wednesday, horde Jimmy Fallon and his guest, Jennifer Lawrence, starred in a new skit called “Come Dance With Us!”

“I don’t know if you’ve listened about this, though a lot of people have been revelation me that there’s this infomercial that front during 3 a.m. on QVC starring these dual people that apparently demeanour like we and me,” Fallon said. The singer played along, responding, “Oh, we meant a ‘Come dance with us?’ Yeah, people tell me about this all a time, though I’ve never indeed seen it.”

Fallon pronounced he watched Des and Dash “promoting a array of enlightening dance videos” a night before. “I’ve gotta say, we don’t unequivocally see a resemblance. But we TiVo’d it and we got a shave of it here, a small bit of a infomercial. Maybe we’ll let a assembly confirm if it looks like us.”

Cut to a costumed Fallon and Lawrence as Des and Dash.

“Don’t we seem like a kind of people you’d like to dance with?” Dash asked. The twin afterwards introduced 3 new dance moves: “Check a Door,” “Bury a Nut” and “Peekaboo-a-Choo.” After returning to his desk, Fallon said, “I don’t unequivocally see a resemblance. we don’t see it. Also, we attempted to come dance with them, though their dances, I’ve never listened of them before, No. 1. I’m out of exhale and coughing only examination them.” He afterwards showed “Vol. 2 of ‘Come Dance With Us!’”

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Jennifer Lawrence, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show
Jennifer Lawrence, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Des and Dash introduced 3 some-more surprising dance moves—”Lunch Box Salute,” “Bowling Confetti and “Disco Binoculars”—before demonstrating how to “Check a Door” once again. Back during his desk, Fallon admitted, “Those dances weren’t normal. No one would do those dances.” Lawrence agreed, revelation him, “They unequivocally seem really focused on checking a door.”

In a final video, Des and Dash did a lightning turn where they showed viewers how to “Row a Boat, Check a Pulse,” “Slurp a Soup,” “Kick Waterfall,” “That Doesn’t Sound Anything Like Him,” “Brow Brow Chicken Cow,” “Windshield Wiper” and, of course, “Check a Door.”

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