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Jets keep playoff hopes alive, Cowboys strictly dead: 11 things to know

Mercifully, a Cowboys’ deteriorate is over. Yes, officially, there are 120 mins left to play, yet any review of back-dooring their approach into a playoffs is now passed with Saturday’s 19-16 loss to a Jets.

If zero else, Dallas has found new and artistic ways to lose; opposite New York, it enclosed 4 interceptions — one from Matt Cassel before he was relieved of his duties (again, mercifully), and 3 some-more from a fourth quarterback to play this season, Kellen Moore.

Where a Cowboys go from here will browbeat a contention for a subsequent 8 months, yet for now they’re 4-10 with zero left to play for in 2015.

The Jets, meanwhile, have won 4 straight, pierce to 9-5 on a season, and say their gossamer reason on an AFC wild-card mark (more on that in a second).

1. Todd Bowles should get Coach of a Year consideration. Maybe Rex Ryan only isn’t a unequivocally good coach. He’s positively likable, and holding a Jets to back-to-back AFC Championship Games in 2009 and 2010 done it easy to disremember all a gum-flapping. But a Jets underneath Ryan were mostly terrible from 2011-2014, and a Bills have been a beating in Ryan’s initial year in Buffalo. That Bills’ invulnerability has regressed while a Jets’ invulnerability underneath Bowles has been dominant.

Ryan Fitzpatrick and a Jets have a gossamer reason on a playoff spot. (USATSI)
Ryan Fitzpatrick and a Jets say their gossamer reason on a playoff spot. (USATSI)

And who knows, maybe we’re not carrying this review if Geno Smith doesn’t get sucker-punched in a preseason and breaks his jaw, opening a doorway for a Ryan Fitzpatrick Renaissance.

2. Don’t get gentle with a suspicion of a Jets in a playoffs only yet. Good news: New York moved into a No. 5 seed after defeating Dallas, and Kansas City forsaken to No. 6.


But if Pittsburgh beats Denver on Sunday afternoon, a Jets tumble to No. 7, one mark out of a postseason.

There is no math — brief of Jerry Jones elucidate a equation that creates time transport probable — that puts a Cowboys in a playoffs.

3. Matt Cassel is way worse than Brandon Weeden. And, honestly, only about everybody else not named Peyton Manning. According to Football Outsiders, Cassel ranks 30th among quarterbacks who have attempted during slightest 200 passes this season, forward of names like Colin Kaepernick, a aforementioned Manning and Nick Foles. Cassel’s value over normal is a joyless -18.2 percent. By comparison, Weeden, who was benched for Cassel and after cut by a Cowboys, has a value over normal of -6.6 percent.

Of course, Jerry Jones favourite that Cassel took some-more chances downfield, and that has blown adult in a Cowboys’ faces. Though, to Cassel’s credit, he has had a common goodness to brew in a small comic service amid all a awful football.

Behold …

4. we can’t remember a some-more joyless play than this. This encapsulates Matt Cassel’s deteriorate with a Cowboys: on a team’s second expostulate opposite a Jets on Saturday night, Cassel wanted to chuck a discerning shade to his left. But a receiver was covered, so naturally, Cassel panicked — roughly descending down in a routine — before convalescent his restraint prolonged adequate to chuck an interception to a other side of a field.

Part of me is assured that a officials only done that order adult on a mark since it was Cassel. Undeterred, he came behind out dual array after and took a 19-yard sack.

Thankfully, manager Jason Garrett pulled a plug, presumably finale Cassel’s reign in Dallas.

5. Yep, that’s Kellen Moore personification quarterback for a Cowboys. Moore, maybe not wanting Cassel to feel alone, threw an interception on his second NFL pass attempt.

He’d chuck an even worse interception in a finish section late in a third quarter, yet for a many part, Moore was a lovely change of pace. Yes, he’s undersized, and yes, he lacks arm strength, yet Cassel has those earthy traits and can’t get out of his possess way. On Moore’s second drive, he threw opposite a margin to find Brice Butler for a initial down, and a play later, a former Boise State quarterback quietly found Dez Bryant in a prosaic and Bryant did a rest.

6. Even Kellen Moore’s alma mater was trolling Matt Cassel.

Moore wasn’t ideal — distant from it, indeed — yet he supposing a coaching staff and fans something they haven’t had in months: hope. That finished with Randy Bullock’s 39-yard game-winning margin goal, yet conjunction Weeden nor Cassel instilled most in a approach of certainty when they were on a field. For an suspicion of how low a bar has been set, Moore finished 15 of 25 for 158 yards with a touchdown and 3 picks.

Here’s who would be subsequent on a Cowboys’ abyss draft during quarterback:

And there’s substantially a box to be done that Darren McFadden should pierce forward of Cassel.

7. Byron Jones competence be partial robot. Here’s a Cowboys’ 2015 first-round collect doing … something to his knee after a tackle.

You competence remember Jones as “That man who went bonkers during a NFL Combine behind in February.”

8. Meanwhile, in Jerry Jones’ apartment …

This looks like Jimmy Kimmel yet we can’t endorse it.

Either way, if we demeanour closely we can see him blink “HELP ME” in morse code.

9. Dez Bryant had another walking outing. It’s tough to censure Bryant when Cassel has been short-hopping passes in his ubiquitous instruction for tools of 8 games, yet a Cowboys’ biggest playmaker finished with 4 catches for 50 yards, including a touchdown pass from Moore. But in a days heading adult to a game, Jets reserve Calvin Pryor pronounced Bryant looked slower, presumably since he’s still recuperating from a damaged feet he suffered in Week 1.

Bowles’ response when a speculation was put to him: “Dez Bryant being delayed is like LeBron [James] being slow. You’re going to get something from him.”

Whatever a reason for Bryant’s struggles, it didn’t assistance his means that he was matched adult with Darrelle Revis on Saturday.

10. We’re substantially not creation adequate of only how good Ryan Fitzpatrick has been.

  • Fitzpatrick had formerly never won 9 games in a deteriorate with any group during his 11-year career.
  • With 26 touchdowns, he’s now 3 divided from Vinny Testaverde’s group record
  • Before throwing an interception opposite a Cowboys, had left a month but a turnover — while tossing 11 touchdowns in that span.
  • And Football Outsiders ranks him 13th among all QBs this season, forward of Alex Smith, Cam Newton and Eli Manning.
  • And here’s FitzMagic on a Jets’ final drive:

Related: He threw for 132 yards in a fourth quarter. Not too unfair for a man a Texans let travel since they suspicion Brian Hoyer and/or Ryan Mallett could hoop job.

Oh, and in box we haven’t been reminded in a final 30 seconds, Fitzpatrick went to Harvard:

11. Last, roughly positively least: Fire adult a Johnny Manziel-to-Dallas talk.

This has to make Jerry Jones’ conduct hurt.

Which is because we can’t order out Jones trying to figure out how to get Manziel in Dallas.

Article source: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25420295/jets-keep-playoff-hopes-alive-cowboys-officially-dead-11-things-to-know

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