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‘Jihadi John’ and British extremists in Syria and Iraq face a aroused genocide …

He declined to criticism on a reports that he had been wounded, though said: “I
consider a indicate is transparent that if people transport to Syria or Iraq in sequence to
control apprehension operations opposite British people,

British adults or people behind here in Britain afterwards they are putting themselves
in harm’s way. They shouldn’t be in any doubt about that.”

The Mail On Sunday reported that a British-accented belligerent was wounded
while attending a assembly of Islamic State in Iraq. He was report.

He was taken to sanatorium after a US-led conflict on a fort in Al-Qaim,
western Iraq final Saturday that killed 10 Isil commanders and

wounded 40 more. It was also reported that a Isil personality Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
was harmed in a attack.

“Jihadi John”, named after Beatle John Lennon due to his British accent,
killed British assist workers Mr Haines and Mr Henning as good as US
reporters James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

The beheadings were filmed and published by Isil on a internet to promote
a group’s means and emanate threats to a West.

He man, who goes by a nomme du guerre Jalman Al-Britani, has turn a
heading figure in a Islamist group.

The Mail claimed that a helper who treated some of those bleeding in a attack
pronounced there was a male named Jalman on her list, referring to him as “the one
who slaughtered a journalists”.

The bleeding group were afterwards driven to a Isil’s Syrian building of Raqqa,
according to a Mail’s source.

British comprehension officers guess that there are around 500 home-grown
militants fighting for Isil in Syria and Iraq, and Prime Minister David
Cameron this week announced skeleton to stop them returning to Britain for two

He pronounced jihadis who have trafficked to quarrel with extremists will not be able
to lapse to Britain for dual years.

The Home Secretary will emanate a Temporary Exclusion Orders, cancelling their
passports and fixation them on a ‘no fly list’ that will forestall them
returning to a UK.

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/terrorism-in-the-uk/11233902/Jihadi-John-and-British-extremists-in-Syria-and-Iraq-face-a-violent-death-Cameron-says.html

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