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Joan Rivers Walks Out on CNN Interview

Her catchphrase is “Can we talk?” – though Joan Rivers was not in a talkative mood during an talk with CNN’s Fredericka Whitfield on Saturday. She walked out.

The comedian was compelling her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva, when she took offense during Whitfield’s matter that her Fashion Police uncover was “mean.”

“It’s not mean,” Rivers, 81, insisted. “I tell a truth. I’m certain we contend a same things your viewers contend to their friends sitting subsequent to them on a couch.”

She seemed to get some-more unsettled as Whitfield asked her about a jokes she creates about topics that competence seem “off-limits” – Casey Anthony and Princess Diana – in her book. “Life is really tough, and if we can make a fun to make something easier, and funny, do it,” Rivers responded.

When Whitfield mentioned a fact that Rivers is wearing a fur cloak on a cover of her book, Rivers got even angrier.

“This whole talk is apropos a defensive interview,” Rivers fumed. “Are we wearing leather shoes? Then close up.”

“I’m going,” Rivers declared, pulling out her earpiece. “All you’ve finished is disastrous … I’ve done people giggle for 50 years. we am put on earth to make people laugh.”

Standing adult to leave, she told Whitfield, “You are not a one to talk a chairman who does humor. Sorry.”

Whitfield explained after a talk that she suspicion Rivers was joking a whole time and wondered if it was a stunt, though told viewers that off-camera Rivers was still wearing her microphone and “dropped some rather unflattering four-letter words. So, yeah, she was serious.”

Article source: http://www.people.com/article/joan-rivers-walks-out-CNN-interview-fredericka-whitfield

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