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Johnny Depp slurs and curses during speech

November 14, 2014. Johnny Depp presents a Hollywood Documentary Award to “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon” during a Hollywood Film Awards in Hollywood, California. (Reuters)

Johnny Depp pulled a Kim Kardashian and pennyless a internet on Friday night after an engaging speech.

At a 2014 Hollywood Film Awards, a 51-year-old actor presented a documentary endowment for Mike Myers’  ”Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.”

On stage, Depp started out with a mic issue. He said, “That’s a weirdest microphone I’ve ever seen in my life.”

He afterwards proceeded to say, “I’m not really good during this kind of thing” as he scratched his conduct and accursed expletives that got censored. Viewers reacted on Twitter by comparing him to his impression from “Pirates of a Caribbean,” Jack Sparrow.

The “Into The Woods” star afterwards review what he called “this thing,” a respect to Shep Gordon. “For decades, Shep Gordon has been one of a many dear and reputable talent managers in a song industry, he is also a stream star and theme of a documentary Supermensch… since he is a mensch.”

He continued, “I’ve been very, really propitious to have him in my life. He is someone we cruise a good friend, an impossibly constant friend…so we have to watch a film! Yeah, there we go. What does that say?”

After another blanked out abuse word, he finished by simply saying, “It’s one of those nights.” 

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Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/11/15/johnny-depp-has-one-those-nights/

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