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Julia Roberts Meets 9 More Women Named Julia Roberts on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It never occurred to Julia Roberts that something like this could happen. 

When she took a theatre Thursday night alongside late-night speak uncover host Jimmy Kimmelfor a designed introduction to 9 women who share her name, the Secret in Their Eyes actress certified she never unequivocally dwelled on a fact that there could be another flattering woman. 

“I theory we am egotistic and it never occurred to me that anybody else would be named Julia Roberts,” she said. “I didn’t consider no one would be; we only never suspicion about it.”

As fitness would have it, there are indeed during slightest 9 women who share her pretension opposite a continent, from Arizona to Canada. Conveniently adequate for a Oscar winner, Kimmel dull adult all a ladies by a live video discussion so that all of a Roberts’ could accommodate face to face. 

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Julia Roberts, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Julia Roberts, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel Live!YouTube

One by one, a women common a astonishing conveniences of pity a name with a A-list celebrity, including posh hotel bedrooms and available cooking reservations. However, being named Julia Roberts also has a quirks. 

One lady from Canada told a Hollywood A-lister she recently took a outing to an ashram in India where they called her by a opposite name entirely.

“Nobody called me Julia,” she shared. “They called me Eat Pray Love.”

Another woman, a oldest Roberts in a group, told a singer that carrying her name during times can be really inconvenient. “They ask me to determine who we am,” she pronounced of any arise where she has to use her credit label or withdraw card. She mostly has to uncover her driver’s permit to infer that it is in fact her name. 

The Mother’s Day actress offering an choice proceed to people’s doubts. 

“Say, ‘I’ll call Richard Gere and he will tell you,’” she joked. 

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