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Kanye West’s Leaked Marriage Proposal Lawsuit Allowed to Proceed

A California appeals justice has allowed Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s lawsuit opposite YouTube’s co-founder to proceed. The rapper and existence star sued tech exec Chad Hurley after a former YouTube CEO leaked video footage of West’s warn 2013 matrimony offer to Kardashian notwithstanding signing a confidentiality agreement.

West’s elaborate offer to Kardashian, her 33rd birthday benefaction from a rapper, took place in October 2013 during San Francisco’s ATT Park, home of a Giants. The proposal, that concerned a Chicago Symphony and a Jumbotron summary that review “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!,” was meant to be a prominence of a arriving deteriorate of Keeping Up With a Kardashians. However, Hurley, who was in assemblage for a proposal, soon leaked footage to his then-new video pity site MixBit, resulting in a lawsuit from a pair.

Hurley’s authorised group formerly argued that, by a loophole, posting a video on MixBit wasn’t a defilement of a confidentiality agreement, the Associated Press writes. However, according to West and Kardashian, Hurley snuck into ATT Park with a goal of filming a proposal, and they usually authorised him to stay on a skill after he sealed a non-disclosure agreement. Hurley was even photographed holding that document.

“Hurley proceeded to try to spin a eventuality into one starring himself, broadcasting a images he knew were a disdainful skill rights of someone else,” West and Kardashian claimed in their lawsuit, adding that Hurley used their offer to drum adult seductiveness in MixBit after a few unsuccessful post-YouTube business attempts.

Hurley’s lawyers appealed a lawsuit final March, though a 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles eventually inspected a statute Wednesday, similar that Kimye had adequate justification to pierce forward with their lawsuit. West and Kardashian are seeking vague damages.

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/kanye-wests-leaked-marriage-proposal-lawsuit-allowed-to-proceed-20150422

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