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KBC throws gauntlet to rivals by slicing seductiveness rates on personal loans for some

Charlie Weston

Published 25/10/2014 | 02:30

KBC Bank is charity rival rates

KBC Bank is charity rival rates

Expanding KBC Bank is slicing a personal loan rates for those who make repayments from their stream account.


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The bank is also introducing a new cash-back intrigue on a credit card, as it attempts to get business to pierce to it from AIB, Bank of Ireland and Ulster Bank.

Customers who take out a loan with KBC and compensate it off by their stream comment with a bank will get a 2pc bonus on a rate.

To be launched in days, a new loan rates will be among a lowest in a market, putting vigour on rivals to cut their rates.

Personal loan rates here are high compared with other eurozone countries, Central Bank studies have found.

For a loan of €20,000 over 5 years, KBC will assign 10pc for those who can relief of a 2pc discount.

This is a same as a seductiveness rate charged by AIB, though reduce than a 12.8pc charged by Bank of Ireland, according to information on a National Consumer Agency’s website.

The new KBC loan rates are fixed, though there is no assign for repaying a loan early if they volume repaid is reduction than €10,000.

Customers of a bank already get a 0.2pc bonus on a debt taken out with KBC if they have their income paid into a stream account, and get an additional 1pc on a assets account. The bank is also introducing a new 1pc prerogative intrigue for grocery and online purchases on a new credit card.

The limit prerogative is €10 a month on a card, that can be used for tiny purchases though entering a personal marker number.

The label has an seductiveness rate of 14pc for purchases, and there can be 4 cards on a one account.

The Belgian-owned bank aims for many business to do their banking online, though also has 9 “hubs”, with skeleton for 6 some-more subsequent year.

This year hubs are opening during Grand Canal Plaza, Swords and Stillorgan in Dublin and Maynooth in Kildare.

“We we now offer a full apartment of consumer financial products to accommodate consumers day-to-day financing needs,” pronounced a bank’s conduct of consumer financial Rob Hurley, pictured.

KBC Bank has recently brought out a new one-year bound rate directed during first-time buyers.

The 3.5pc rate is 1pc reduce than a normal non-static rate in a market.

The bank is charity to cut this lending rate, and others, by 0.2pc for those who set adult a stream comment with it.

It is gnawing adult debt marketplace share by charity to compensate one year’s giveaway home word to all new debt customers.

The bank claims it is commendatory 8 out of 10 debt applications.

And it recently put in place a “quick approvals” routine for borrowers.

Irish Independent

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