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Kenya Mourns, Seeks Al-Shabab Suspect

Kenyans are anguish their passed after a day-long encircle by al-Shabab militants during an eastern university Thursday that left 147 people passed along with a 4 attackers.

The Kenyan supervision is charity a $220,000 reward for another al-Shabab member in tie with a attacks: Mohammed Mohamud Kuno, who is already on a supervision watch list. He is suspected to be al-Shabab’s arch for outmost operations opposite Kenya. He is also famous as Gamadhere or Dulyadayna.

Kuno is wanted for doubt about a conflict during Garissa University where enemy stormed a campus before emergence Thursday and non-stop fire. Security army battled a militants for 15 hours and discovered some-more than 500 students before fatally sharpened a attackers.

Al-Shabab says a conflict was punish for Kenyan infantry movement inside adjacent Somalia where a Islamist belligerent organisation is based.

Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has called for larger confidence team-work with Kenya, charity his condolences and job a conflict “barbaric.” He pronounced Friday that a killings uncover a need to discharge a “menace” of al-Shabab from a region.

Some witnesses contend a enemy during Garissa University were separating a Christians from a Muslims and holding a Christians and some others hostage.

Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery contend a 4 gunmen had explosives strapped to their bodies and they blew adult “like bombs” when military shot them.

The conflict was a many aroused in Kenya given a 2013 militant strike on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall that killed some-more than 60 people.

A White House orator pronounced a United States condemns “in a strongest terms” Thursday’s terrorism opposite “innocent organisation and women.” He pronounced a U.S. stands with a Kenyan people who “will not be intimidated by such villainous attacks.”

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta told a republic that “this is a impulse for everybody via a republic to be observant as we confront and better a enemies.”

He systematic 10,000 military recruits whose enrollments are still tentative to immediately news for training during a military college.

“We as a republic have suffered unnecessarily due to a necessity of confidence personnel,” he said. “Kenya badly needs additional officers, and we will not keep a republic waiting.”

Al-Shabab is an al-Qaida-linked organisation that has battled a Somali supervision and a allies given 2006. The organisation has pounded targets in Kenya given Nairobi sent infantry opposite a limit in 2011. 

The University of Nairobi warned a students final week that Kenyan supervision agencies had comprehension reports indicating al-Shabab was formulation an conflict on a vital university, among other targets. It was not transparent if a identical warning was released in Garissa.

Article source: http://www.voanews.com/content/kenya-al-shabab-militants-kill-147-at-university/2705244.html

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