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Kerry says Russian warrior jets in Syria lift critical questions

LONDON — Secretary of State John Kerry pronounced Saturday that Russia’s transformation of tactical aircraft and surface-to-air missiles to Syria could poise a hazard to American and associated forces, and done transparent that a United States could accept a fortitude to a polite quarrel that allows President Bashar Assad to sojourn in energy for an vague time.

‘‘We’re prepared to negotiate. Is Assad prepared to negotiate, unequivocally negotiate? Is Russia prepared to move him to a list and indeed find a fortitude to this violence?’’ Kerry pronounced after assembly with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

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US officials pronounced Russia sent a tiny series of warrior jets to a bottom in Syria on Friday, hours after Defense Secretary Ashton Carter talked with Russia Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in a initial infantry contacts between a dual countries in some time.

‘‘Clearly, a participation of aircraft with air-to-air quarrel ability . . . and surface-to-air missiles lift critical questions,’’ Kerry said. The Russians have deployed during slightest one such system, according to an American central who was not certified to plead infantry matters and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Russia says a new infantry buildup in Syria is designed to quarrel a Islamic State.

While a militants miss an atmosphere force, a Russian aircraft are able of distinguished belligerent targets and providing tighten atmosphere support for belligerent forces, a US comprehension central said. The central spoke on condition of anonymity.

Russia’s infantry moves in Syria are a initial vital deployment outward a former Soviet Union given a quarrel in Afghanistan, a central said.

Kerry pronounced a military-to-military talks with a Russians are designed to make certain there are no incidents between Russian and American forces. The discussions also volume to a taciturn acceptance of a Russian buildup, after weeks of warnings from Washington opposite any Russian escalation in Syria.

The goal, Kerry said, is to make certain ‘‘there’s no intensity of a mistake or of an collision of some kind that produces a larger intensity of conflict.’’

While Kerry stressed a United States direct that Assad contingency go, he settled categorically that an excusable fortitude to a Syrian quarrel would concede Assad to sojourn in place for a singular time.

‘‘We’re not being enthusiast about a specific date or time,’’ Kerry said. ‘‘But right now, Assad has refused to have a critical contention and Russia has refused to move him to a list in sequence to do that. So that’s because we’re where we are.’’

As for an Assad timetable, Kerry said, ‘‘it doesn’t have to be on day one or month one or whatever,’’ though in context of negotiations.

Kerry also pronounced Washington considers Assad ‘‘a magnet’’ for unfamiliar fighters who are stuffing a Islamic State group’s ranks.

‘‘So there’s a miss of logic,’’ Kerry said, for a Russians to contend ‘‘they are bringing in some-more equipment, shoring adult Assad, during a same time they contend they’re going after’’ militants.

In a meantime, a Syrian insurgent organisation pronounced it dismissed rockets during a coastal atmosphere bottom pronounced to be used by Russian troops.

In a video posted Friday, members of a Islam Army advise a Russians that they will not suffer assent in Syria. The fighters are afterwards are seen rising mixed rockets from a alpine area.

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