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Kerry urges Afghanistan to concentration on review to solve doubtful vote

KABUL (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told Afghanistan on Friday a transition to a separate state hung in a change after a contested presidential election, propelling officials to concentration on questioning all rascal allegations to infer a legitimacy.

The deadlock over a opinion has quashed hopes for a well-spoken transition of energy in Afghanistan, a regard for Washington as many U.S.-led army repel from a republic this year.

Kerry rushed to Kabul from meetings in China on Friday in a fast organised revisit for talks with a dual presidential contenders, Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani, as good as obligatory Hamid Karzai and other comparison officials.

Preliminary formula from a Jun 14 run-off turn put Ghani, a former World Bank official, in a lead though Abdullah deserted a result, job it a “coup” opposite a people, and his aides have threatened to set adult an choice administration.

“The choosing legitimacy hangs in a balance, a destiny intensity of a transition hangs in a balance, so we have a lot to do,” Kerry pronounced after a assembly with U.N. special attach� to Afghanistan Jan Kubis.

“Our hopes are that there is a highway that can be found that will yield that ability for a questions to be answered, for people’s doubts to be satisfied, and hopefully for a destiny to be defined. But we can’t tell we that that’s going to be an involuntary during this point.”

U.S. officials pronounced Kerry would titillate both contenders to determine on a examination “of all reasonable allegations of fraud”, that would entail additional audits of a opinion count. “We wish a unified, fast and approved Afghanistan. It is vicious that whoever is boss is famous by a people as carrying turn boss by a legitimate process, and that a supervision can harmonize a people and lead them in a future,” Kerry pronounced after a assembly with Abdullah.


Abdullah’s rejecting of a outcome has set a theatre for a probable bloody deadlock between racial groups or even secession of tools of a frail country, that is already deeply divided along genealogical lines.

Ghani, vocalization earlier, pronounced he adored a endless audit. “Our joining is to safeguard that a choosing routine enjoys a firmness and a legitimacy that a people of Afghanistan and a universe will trust in,” he said.

“Therefore we trust in a many complete and endless examination probable to revive faith.”

Abdullah, for his part, pronounced after assembly Kerry: “At a really vicious time we have valid your joining to Afghanistan, to saving Afghanistan, and saving a approved routine here.”

State Department mouthpiece Jen Psaki told Reuters that an agreement on a extended examination of a votes would be an initial step to capacitate a possibilities to speak by their differences.

“Secretary Kerry’s idea is to assistance a parties find a approach brazen that ensures that a subsequent boss of Afghanistan has a convincing charge to lead a one Afghanistan,” she said.

The United States believes a formula of a final total in a second turn should not be expelled until a audits have been completed. Washington considers a formula to be preliminary.

Abdullah is a former anti-Taliban insurgency fighter. He draws his support from a Tajik minority in a north. Ghani has clever support from Pashtun tribes in a south and east. Kerry has warned that any bid to solve a brawl by assault or any “extra-constitutional means,” would means a United States to repel assistance to Afghanistan.

The United States is in a routine of withdrawing a army from a nation after 12 years of fighting Taliban insurgents, though stays a country’s biggest unfamiliar donor, assisting to account a operations of a Afghan government.

A comparison State Department central pronounced if Washington withdrew support, other donors were expected to follow and that would have a poignant impact on a government’s actions.

“Both sides have voiced to a secretary that they wish to get to an outcome that is credible, pure and accepting,” a central told reporters en track to Kabul, vocalization on condition of anonymity.

“We’re not seeking them to do something they don’t wish themselves.”

(Writing by Lesley Wroughton and Maria Golovnina; Editing by Clarence Fernandez)

Article source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/11/us-afghanistan-usa-kerry-idUSKBN0FG0KF20140711

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