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Kirk Cousins gets no honour in FanDuel or DraftKings

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If we play daily anticipation football or are deliberation personification daily anticipation football after being bombarded with commercials for FanDuel and DraftKings during Sunday’s games, we might notice something extraordinary when we corkscrew through your intensity options during quarterback this week.

Selecting Robert Griffin III, who was dead in Week 1, will count some-more toward your anticipation “salary cap” than selecting Redskins starter Kirk Cousins in both FanDuel and DraftKings. In fact, Griffin ($7,100) is one of 40 quarterbacks in FanDuel who are some-more costly than Cousins ($5,700) in Week 2. The others embody each other projected starter, as good as backups Jimmy Garoppolo ($6,800), Mark Sanchez ($6,400), Michael Vick ($6,000), Chad Henne ($5,900) and Matt Flynn ($5,700).

(For a uninitiated, these daily anticipation sports games allow fans to compensate an entrance price to build a group of players with a “salary cap” and contest in real-money contests determined by their players’ performance. Players’ salaries vacillate from week to week depending on opening and opponent, though determined stars cost some-more than other players during their position, and starters roughly always cost some-more than backups. Unlike normal anticipation sports, in that it infrequently creates clarity to accumulate an harmed or backup actor on your roster, your players only score points for a singular diversion in daily fantasy, so it’s critical to fill your register with players who, we know, indeed play.)

Cousins isn’t a usually starter who is cheaper than his team’s backup in FanDuel. Buffalo’s Matt Cassel ($6,400) is $100 some-more costly than Tyrod Taylor. Cousins is a 29th-most costly QB in DraftKings for Week 2 after ranking 30th among QBs in Week 1 points. With an reserved income of $5,500, he’s $300 cheaper than Griffin and usually $100 some-more costly than Geno Smith, who is recovering from a damaged jaw. Selecting Geno Smith this week will pledge we 0 points from a QB position.

In fairness, that’s improved than disastrous points, that is probable with interceptions value minus-1 points in both FanDuel and DraftKings. Given a apparent miss of certainty in Cousins, it’s not startling that a St. Louis Rams invulnerability is a third-most costly choice in FanDuel and tied for a second-most costly choice in DraftKings this week.

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