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Kirk Cousins says it’s critical for a backup QB to not exceed his bounds

Kirk Cousins done his weekly appearance with Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan on Friday, his initial talk on a hire given being named a Redskins’ starting quarterback. Perhaps Shaun King, who blasted a thought of a (then-backup) QB carrying a weekly radio segment when it was announced final month, tuned in.

Paulsen asked Cousins, who sat out Thursday’s preseason culmination opposite Jacksonville, how his purpose as a personality changes now that he’s during a tip of a abyss chart.

“I’ve always felt it’s really critical as a backup quarterback to not exceed your bounds,” pronounced Cousins, who has corroborated adult Robert Griffin III for many of his career given a dual were drafted in 2012. “It’s not your team. It’s not indispensably your offense, and so to be clever and dogmatic and contend this is how it should be, we consider that that’s indifferent for a starting quarterback. Or if we have an opinion, we consider we need to defer to a starting quarterback.”

Cousins, who praised a approach Griffin has rubbed a conditions given losing his starting job, gave examples such as fixing a play call or last insurance and cadences.

“There are times where as a backup quarterback, we consider we contend to a starter, ‘It’s your call, your decision. we will go with whatever we decide, it doesn’t matter what we think, you’re a one out there, you’re a one battling, it’s your call,’” Cousins said. “So as a starting quarterback now, we consider we need to be a small some-more outspoken, opinionated, share my thoughts with a offense, with a coaches, with a other quarterbacks, though positively as a backup there’s a place to step behind and concede a man who is personification to have those opinions and run a show. That’s a change that we wish to be means to travel when we are a backup.”

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Even as a starter, don’t design Cousins to start editing everybody who incorrectly calls him “Kurt” instead of Kirk. He’ll continue to defer to their foolishness.

“For whatever reason, we consider it rolls off a tongue a small some-more simply than my genuine name,” Cousins pronounced with a giggle when asked about a common fumble on Friday. “There’s a lot of ‘K’ sounds going on when we pronounce my name, so we consider Kurt competence be a small easier. It’s positively a some-more common name to only contend Kurt, though we know, we don’t let it get to me too much, it’s okay, though we conclude your guys’ joining to value and a courtesy to fact to make certain we get that right.”

Listen to a full talk here.

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