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Knicks’ Lou Amundson gets divided with terrible transport (Video)

New York Knicks brazen Lou Amundson stopped dribbling during three-point line en track to a layup… and a referees didn’t call a roving violation.

A common critique of a NBA is that referees infrequently don’t call roving violations when a actor takes some-more than a authorised dual steps.

Well, it’s positively tough to disagree with that critique when deliberation what New York Knicks brazen Lou Amundson got divided with on Sunday.

During a Knicks’ competition opposite the Cleveland Cavaliers, Amundson stole a round and pulled off one of a most blatant travels one will ever see en track to a layup.

Take a demeanour during a terrible transport below:

Yep, we saw that correctly. Amundson stopped dribbling during a three-point line, nonetheless no transport was called. Perhaps a best partial of a video is a delight from a announcers who can’t sense how Amundson was means to get divided with a violation.

Unfortunately for Amundson and a Knicks, a no-call was a usually mangle a group held on Sunday. Cleveland blew out New York 101-83 in a diversion that was some-more unilateral than a final measure even suggests.

Amundson is averaging 3.6 points, 3.8 rebounds and .7 blocks per diversion this season.

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