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Labor Day Weekend: Must-have transport apps!



(CNN) — Whether you’ve got wanderlust or an airline grievance, here are 8 must-have travel apps to container onto your phone.

1. AirHelp

We’ve all gifted behind or canceled flights, and AirHelp thinks we should be compensated for it.

AirHelp — that has 5 full-time lawyers on a 35-person staff — helps travelers establish what they’re entitled to when their transport skeleton are disrupted.

According to AirHelp, 26.5 million travelers are entitled to financial remuneration any year — and reduction than 2% indeed record claims.

“The problem is perplexing to figure out what your rights are,” pronounced cofounder Nicolas Michaelsen.

They solve many claims within 6 to 8 weeks (unless serve authorised movement is needed).

“We’ll follow by and take a airline to court,” pronounced Michaelsen. “We’ve finished that a lot of times.”

So far, they’ve been mostly successful: 90% of their 50,000 users have perceived income behind — with an normal payout of $600 before AirHelp takes a 25% share.

2. HitList

A wayfarer’s best friend, HitList keeps tabs on all a destinations you’ve been eying for your subsequent vacation.

The site offers an choice to forever perusing a web or watchful to book until a specific time of a week. Users name intensity transport destinations, and afterwards HitListmonitors real-time moody prices and sends email notifications when rates drop.

In further to behaving like a transport agent, HitList’s image-based pattern encourages discovery. Users can crop locations, see a best time of year to transport and review moody times. There’s also a Facebook (FB, Tech30) plug-in that shares where friends have trafficked (because if everyone’s going somewhere, so should you).

Flights are requisitioned by Skyscanner, one of a largest hunt engine databases.

3. Mobile Passport Control

The etiquette routine is being digitized.

This month, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection denounced a Mobile Passport Control app, that aims to speed adult a unwieldy etiquette process.

U.S. and Canadian adults emanate a form with their pass information. For any trip, they customarily name their moody info, take a selfie and answer etiquette questions directly in a app. It produces a QR coded receipt to benefaction to a etiquette officer.

This is a delay of a Automated Passport Control self-service kiosks during many airports, that have cut down on wait times by as most as 40%.

Right now, a giveaway app can customarily be used during a Atlanta airport, though other U.S. airports devise to accept a record after this year, according to a CBP.

4. Glimpse

While you’re Instagramming a lifelike vacation, we competence as good accommodate some new people.

Enter Glimpse. Technically a dating app, a print formation (it connects to a user’s Instagram account) and geolocator make it a ideal event to accommodate those around we — generally since they competence be Instagramming a accurate same places.

Users select a form design and supplement 8 Instagram photos to their form — that’s it. You can crop photos of those circuitously (or around a globe), and a app records who’s been to a same locations as you.

“We use your photos to bond we with people you’d like to meet,” pronounced cofounder Elan Miller. “When traveling, we customarily have singular time though wish to get a internal experience.”

Backed by First Round Capital and Google Ventures, Glimpse expelled a new chronicle of a app in Aug (it primarily launched in Feb 2014).

5. Peek

To learn and book activities for your travels, spin to Peek.

A celebrity ask takes in user preferences (street art or excellent wine? Sports cars or a Eiffel Tower?) and afterwards offers personalized activity suggestions.

The app has real-time engagement options, and users can hunt a calendar for events on specific days. Activities are combined from tastemakers like Diane von Furstenberg, Wolfgang Puck and Tory Burch. When users book, Peek takes a cut from activity operators though users don’t compensate anything extra.

It covers 24 cities during a impulse (everything from New York and Las Vegas to Cancun and Paris) though skeleton to continue expanding coverage of a U.S. and Mexico.

Peek has lifted $6.5 million in appropriation from Google’s (GOOGL, Tech30) Eric Schmidt andTwitter’s (TWTR, Tech30) Jack Dorsey, as good as transport experts like Carl Sparks (former CEO of Travelocity).

6. Traveling Spoon

It’s not technically an app (yet), though Traveling Spoon is value opening adult a browser for.

Imagine carrying a friend’s mom ready we a home-cooked dish in each nation we visit. Traveling Spoon founders Stephanie Lawrence and Aashi Vel are creation that a reality. Through a site, travelers can haven a mark during a list of local hosts, all of whom have been vetted by a founders.

The “chefs” (25% of whom have a culinary background) will prepare lunch or cooking ($20 to $60), or yield a cooking category and a marketplace debate ($80 to $170).

“Culinary tourism is a matter for finish informative exchange,” pronounced Lawrence. “Beyond creation a universe a smaller place, a module also provides profitable income to hosts operative to support their families.”

There are now over 125 hosts in 35 cities opposite 14 countries. Lawrence and Vel have focused their efforts on southeast Asia though devise to enhance to Greece soon.

7. WeSwap

Instead of traffic with banks and dear sell rates, London-based startup WeSwap offers a peer-to-peer exchange.

Customers bond their WeSwap comment to a bank comment and are given a prepaidMasterCard (MA). When traveling, users ask to sell supports with another user who has a preferred currency. Any new supports are accessed by a MasterCard.

Each transaction incurs a 1% barter price — unless a compare can’t be found in time, in that box WeSwap stairs in (this incurs a 1.5% fee).

With anti-money laundering measures in place, it’s protected to make barter with anyone on their platform.

Right now, it’s customarily accessible to business in 10 European countries though owner Simon Sacerdoti says they’ll “absolutely” enhance to a U.S. in a future.

They’ve lifted $3.75 million in appropriation and are in a routine of shutting a incomparable turn of founding.

8. Flight Tonight

The name flattering most says it all: This app creates it super easy to book final notation flights for a extemporaneous traveler.

Flight Tonight, that launched in late July, is from a smarts behind transport startup Hopper (founded by former Expedia (EXPE) engineers).

The app aggregates inexpensive fares from your “home” airfield vacating in a subsequent 24 hours. Flights are requisitioned by a airline or transport site, and Flight Tonight takes a customary group elect for a mention (which varies depending on a site).

“Customers have been lerned that shopping flights is formidable and takes a lot of time,” pronounced Hopper arch information scientist Patrick Surry. “We’re saying, ‘Why should it be so difficult?’”

Surry pronounced they see intensity in coming airlines to assistance them sell leftover inventory. There seems to be a market: In a initial week, there were 130,000 moody searches in a app.

Article source: http://kfor.com/2014/08/29/labor-day-weekend-must-have-travel-apps/

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