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Laird Advances Automotive Telematics Capability and Productivity with New …

SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Expanding a general strech and vicinity to tellurian automotive
markets, record personality Laird
(LRD: London) now non-stop a new telematics prolongation plant
in Shanghai to offer a general automotive market.

Shanghai is rising as a tellurian heart for technological innovation,
giving it a infrastructure and talent to support Laird as it continues
conceptualizing and prolongation attention heading solutions.

As drivers, passengers, and swift government companies direct more
connectivity out of their vehicles, a marketplace for formidable antenna
solutions is expanding. Laird’s telematics products move a many needs
of item tracking, GPS, cellular, Bluetooth, and some-more all into one
fit package.

The company’s new plant increases prolongation ability and efficiency
while permitting for harsh peculiarity control – ensuring that Laird
continues to offer a many innovative and rival telematics
solutions to a world’s heading automotive manufacturers and fleet
government companies with arguable accomplishment and speed.

The new plant, that covers 17,151 block meters (184,616 block feet),
serves as both a pattern and prolongation core for Laird.
An in-house engineering group utilizes internal skill and technical
expertise, that is afterwards leveraged by a prolongation group to furnish “smart”
receiver solutions and applications

The group also produces components that capacitate machine-to-machine
communications and other rising mobile technologies, such as
vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I)
communications, all of that will severely raise motorist safety, the
newcomer knowledge and a government of car resources in a future.

The trickery became entirely operational on Wednesday following a festive
rite led by Laird’s Chief Executive Officer David Lockwood.

“Embedded in a pattern and construction of this plant are improved
techniques for both communication and for a government of production
areas,” Lockwood told a customers, informal dignitaries, government
officials, journalists, and employees in attendance.

During a ceremony, worldwide insurer FM Global awarded a new plant
a prestigious “Highly Protected Risk” status, highlighting Laird’s
joining to worker reserve and arguable accomplishment for a customers.

Lockwood after combined that, “this is another instance of Laird’s
investment to support enlargement in a market.” Earlier this year the
association non-stop a new prolongation trickery in Vietnam and will open a
third as partial of an enlargement in Warren, Ohio.

Laird also recently acquired a infancy interest in Korean formed Model
Solution that provides antecedent and growth services, helping
business to fast deliver new products into a market.

Laird’s new plant in Shanghai employs around 1,200 workers, and is
located in a Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. It is one of 3 Laird plants
in Shanghai and replaces a most comparison and smaller plant nearby. The
association expects to emanate some-more jobs in a destiny as a plant expands

Laird now employs scarcely 7,000 people during 16 comforts across
Asia, and around 9,000 people worldwide.

Besides Shanghai, Laird’s Asian sites are located in Kunshan, Shunde,
Chongqing, Quanzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Tianjin, China; Penang,
Malaysia; Singapore; Bucheon, Seoul, Korea; Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam,
and New Taipei City, Taiwan.

To learn some-more about Laird’s telematics solutions, revisit www.lairdtech.com.

Article source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20141014005096/en/Laird-Advances-Automotive-Telematics-Capability-Productivity-Facility

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