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Lakers jolt Rockets with late rally

Lakers jolt Rockets with late rally

HOUSTON — Nick Young’s lapse from repairs singularly sparked a Los Angeles Lakers to dual victories that doubled their prior deteriorate total.

Even so, a swingman voiced frank honour in behaving as partial of a ancillary expel surrounding star ensure Kobe Bryant.

Lakers brazen Wesley Johnson converted a essential three-point play with 43.2 seconds left to fuel a overwhelming convene as Los Angeles kick a Houston Rockets 98-92 Wednesday night during Toyota Center.

One night after winning in Atlanta for their initial highway victory, a Lakers (3-9) sealed Wednesday’s diversion with a 12-1 run. The late swell astounded a Rockets, who played though core Dwight Howard (strained right knee).

Johnson pushed a Lakers in front to stay with a transition basket after he stole a round from Rockets ensure James Harden. Johnson scored by a Harden foul, and his giveaway chuck gave Los Angeles a 94-92 lead.

Bryant scored a game-high 29 points and combined 7 assists and 5 rebounds. Young, who missed a season’s initial 10 games due to vinculum repairs in his right thumb, supposing interrelated offense during pivotal moments, tallying 16 points in 28 mins off a bench.

“I can’t take all a credit. we can take some of it,” Young pronounced with a laugh. “It’s all about a group bid and, really, we’ve only been personification tough and personification together. It’s a fluke that we came behind and gave us a small spark.”

Harden, who scored a final Houston basket with 2:42 remaining, finished with 24 points and 7 assists. After his 20-foot, step-back jumper gave Houston a 91-86 lead, a Rockets (9-3) missed 3 shots and committed dual turnovers, both by Harden, to top their collapse.

“Silly mistakes on my end,” Harden said. “I incited a round over a integrate of times. They did a good pursuit of bringing their five-man (Jordan Hill) adult to get a round out of my palm a small bit. we consider 3 security in a quarrel we didn’t govern like we indispensable to to win a game.”

Said Lakers manager Byron Scott: “We only attempted to get a round out of his hands as most as probable a final notation or so. Offensively, we got some breaks, done some shots, got to a free-throw line, and defensively is where we won a game.”

Hill combined 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Forward Kostas Papanikolaou scored a career-high 19 points off a Houston bench, while ensure Patrick Beverley chipped in 15 points, 4 rebounds and dual blocks.

Harden sank dual giveaway throws with 6:09 left for a 83-82 Houston lead. His three-point play with a shot time circuitous down extended that lead to 4 57 seconds later. Then, following a pushing layup by Bryant, Harden picked a slot of Lakers brazen Carlos Boozer and threaded a pass to Papanikolaou, who converted a layup by a foul. Papanikolaou strike a giveaway chuck to boost a lead to 89-84 with 4:22 left.

The Rockets strike half of their 10 3-point attempts in a initial entertain and carried a 23-21 lead into a second, where they shot 4-for-9 from behind a arc though unsuccessful to extend their lead after Bryant warmed up.

Bryant finished 5-for-5 in a second entertain around his common array of monumental shot-making. His 18-foot, step-back jumper pushed a Lakers in front 42-40 with 4:36 left in a half, and his baseline jumper curled a measure during 47-47 with 2:19 remaining. Then, with 3.7 seconds before a intermission, Bryant kick Rockets brazen Trevor Ariza off a leap for a layup that cut a necessity to 51-49.

The Lakers steady that flurry in a fourth, adding gloomy invulnerability to their winning mix.

“They outplayed us,” Ariza said. “They played harder than we did down a stretch.”

NOTES: Rockets C Dwight Howard was a late blemish since of a stretched right knee. Howard also missed a Rockets’ prior home detriment to a Golden State Warriors on Nov. 8. … Lakers G Jeremy Lin returned to Houston on a heels of an considerable game, 15 points and 10 assists Tuesday night during Atlanta. Lin spent dual unsuitable seasons with a Rockets before being traded to Los Angeles during a offseason. … Houston manager Kevin McHale pronounced that Rockets F Terrence Jones isn’t tighten to a lapse from left leg haughtiness inflammation. Jones missed his eighth uninterrupted diversion Wednesday. … The lapse of Lakers F/G Nick Young should assuage some of a descent weight heaped on Lakers G Kobe Bryant. While Bryant led a NBA in scoring during 27.4 points per diversion by Tuesday, he had taken 27 some-more shots and missed 34 some-more attempts than Knicks F Carmelo Anthony, who ranked second in both categories. Bryant shot 10-for-28 Wednesday.

Article source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/11/20/bkn-lakers-rockets-writethru-idUSMTZEABKBO5HQC20141120

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