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Land Rover, Jaguar recall cars

Land Rover, Jaguar recall cars

WASHINGTON (AP) — Land Rover and Jaguar are recalling 104,000 vehicles because of problems with the brakes and lights.

The largest recall involves a brake-hose issue that Jaguar Land Rover North America studied and dismissed, only to reopen after an accident.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Admin-istration issued notices on the recalls Friday.

The safety agency said that Jaguar Land Rover North America will recall up to 74,648 Range Rovers because one or both front brake hoses could rupture, causing the loss of braking fluid. Land Rover dealers will replace the brake hoses for free on the cars, which are model years 2006 through 2012.


Fire Volcano in Guatemala erupts

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — A national disaster preparedness official in Guatemala says the Fire Volcano has exploded, spewing incandescent rock and ash that dusted surrounding communities.

Spokesman David de Leon says authorities put the southern Guatemala area on alert, though no evacuations have been made so far. Karina Lopez, a resident of nearby Antigua, said Saturday that ash mixed with a drizzle to reduce visibility and that the rumblings continued.

The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction issued instructions urging people to take shelter, wear masks, cover water tanks and be aware of evacuation routes. Firefighters were standing by.

The volcano sits on the border of the Guatemalan states and rises 12,346 feet above sea level.

Painting sale is mostly a mystery

BERLIN (AP) — A painting by French post-impressionist Paul Gauguin has reportedly sold for a record-breaking sum, but its erstwhile owner won’t reveal the price or buyer.

The oil painting, called “Nafea faa ipoipo?” — Tahitian for “When will you marry?” — and showing two Tahitian women, had belonged to the Swiss family Staehelin for almost 100 years. Earlier this week, Swiss media citing unidentified art world insiders reported that the 1892 painting was bought by Qatari royalty for $300 million, making it the most expensive painting ever.

Ruedi Staehelin, who speaks for the Staehelin Family Trust, would only confirm the sale.


Stolen kitten returned

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A man stole a 3-month-old kitten from a Minneapolis pet store, only to return it the next day with an apology note.

Ruff Start Rescue partners with PetSmart on pet adoptions. Its cat intake coordinator, Abbey Lynn, told KSTP-TV that a man went inside a Minneapolis PetSmart on Friday asking to look at the cats. When the man was done, a manager locked up the cages and left him alone.

Another employee walked by shortly after and noticed the lock on the kitten’s cage had been cut with a bolt cutter.

Ruff Start Rescue says the kitten was returned unharmed Saturday in a box at a Roseville PetSmart with an apology note. The writer said he didn’t have money, and wanted to give the kitten as a Valentine’s Day gift.

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