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Lava upsurge front stays stalled, breakouts active – Honolulu Star

The heading corner of a lava upsurge has not modernized in dual weeks though several breakouts sojourn active and is stability to allege toward Pahoa town, Hawaii County Civil Defense pronounced Saturday morning after an aerial assessment.

The active breakouts are next Apaa Street in a area of a tomb and several areas upslope of a Pahoa Recycling and Transfer Station.

The heading corner of a upsurge remained stalled about 480 feet above Pahoa Village Road given Oct. 30.

The closest active upsurge to Pahoa Village Road is approximately 0.4 miles upslope, nearby a cemetery, a Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said.

An active lobe upslope of a send hire is approximately 250 yards above of Apaa Street on Friday and has widened over a past dual days.

Scientists also celebrated an active dermatitis about 3 miles downslope from Puu Oo that was blazing a tiny area of foliage on Friday.

The breakouts do not post an evident hazard to area residents, Civil Defense said. The dermatitis on a south side of a upsurge on Apaa Street is widening and blazing pavement highway material. All other blazing with breakouts is singular to foliage only. 

Article source: http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/breaking/20141115_Lava_flow_front_remains_stalled_breakouts_active.html?id=282820111

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