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Leaked screenshots preview Apple Music for Android

Apple’s Music use is slated to make a approach to Android inclination genuine shortly if a association stays true to a word. If we wish to see what it will demeanour like right now, though, German website Mobile Geeks has posted what it says are screenshots of a arriving app. As we can see from a images, it comes with Beats 1 Radio, a recommendations page and a Apple Music Connect amicable network for musicians. It can also save song offline, and it even allows we to set a cache size, in box we don’t wish marks from a use to eat adult too most space on your device. As 9to5mac noted, it incorporates Android pattern facilities such as slide-out sidebars, yet it retains some elements from a strange iOS app, as well. If a app’s launch doesn’t get delayed, we won’t have to wait prolonged to see it for yourselves — for now, check out a screenshots above and next a fold.

[Image credit: Mobile Geeks]

Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2015/10/24/apple-music-android-leaked-screenshots/

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