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Leaked screenshots purportedly uncover Apple Music app for Android

Apple Music is off to a good start, with 15 million subscribers according to Tim Cook. With an Android chronicle approaching to arrive soon, some sum are starting to trickle out.

The German-language tech site MobileGeeks (via SlashGear) published screenshots that uncover what appears to be a chronicle of Apple Music for Android devices. The screens uncover several sections of a app, such as a New and For You screens, as good as Beats One streaming radio. The app by and vast looks like a iOS version, though it integrates some Android pattern conventions, such as a Hamburger menu in a top right corner.

apple song for android mobile geeksMobileGeeks

One of a supposed screenshots of Apple Music for Android.

Apple formerly announced that Apple Music would arrive for Android “this fall.” MobileGeeks has a decent lane record when it comes to Android rumors, and this wouldn’t be a initial spirit that an Android chronicle of Apple Music is near. Last month, TechAeris reported that some users perceived invitations to join a singular beta of an Apple Music app for Android. We’re not wholly certain of TechAeris’s rumor-mill lane record and there are reasons to doubt a idea that Apple would perform a beta exam in this way, though it doesn’t seem over a area of possibility.

Update, Oct 25, 2015, 5:35PM PDT: As creatively posted, this story erroneously pragmatic that Apple had not nonetheless announced Apple Music for Android. This is not a case: Apple previously announced an Android chronicle would entrance this fall. This story has been corrected to simulate this fact. We apologize for a difficulty and bewail a error.

Article source: http://www.macworld.com/article/2997221/streaming-services/leaked-screenshots-purportedly-show-an-apple-music-app-for-android.html

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