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Liberians fast, urge for 3 days to mangle Ebola ‘curse’


Boys Solomon (C, rear) and Joe (R, rear) mount in a “red zone” where they are being treated for Ebola during a Bong County Ebola Treatment Unit about 200 km (120 miles) easterly of a capital, Monrovia, Oct 28, 2014. REUTERS/Michelle Nichols

Liberians began 3 days of fasting and prayers on Wednesday to find shelter from a “curse” of a Ebola epidemic, that has killed 2,705 people and putrescent 4,665 some-more in a West African country.

The National Christian Ebola Task Force, an classification shaped in Sep by opposite Christian denominations, urged Liberians to quick from dawn-to-dusk over a subsequent 3 days.

“Ebola is a pathogen from a devil. It’s murdering us given we have incited a behind to God,” Reverend David G. Benitoe, a deputy of a charge force, told a news conference.

“We have traded a ceremony of God with a ceremony of demons and witchcraft, and immorality things is now function in this country,” Benitoe said.

Liberia is a republic hardest-hit by a misfortune conflict on record of a viral hemorrhagic fever, that is transmitted by approach hit with corporeal fluids of those infected.

In total, a widespread has killed scarcely 5,000 people and putrescent some 13,703 people given it was initial reported in Guinea in March.

The illness has widespread to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Nigeria, with Mali apropos this month a sixth West Africa republic overwhelmed by a outbreak. Nigeria and Sierra Leone have now been announced Ebola-free by a World Health Organization.

Isolated cases have also been reported in Spain and a United States.

This month, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf told Reuters her supervision had rescued a initial signs of an easing in a widespread as open recognition of a illness improved.

The WHO also pronounced on Wednesday there were indications it was slowing, with falls in a series of burials, new admissions and a plateau in laboratory-confirmed cases.

About 85 percent of Liberia’s 4 million people are Christians, while about 12 percent are Muslims. Since a commencement of a outbreak, Liberians have packaged churches on Sunday, singing and praying for deliverance.

Thousands of mobile phone subscribers perceived content messages on their phones on Wednesday seeking them to take part.

“I have a faith that after Friday things will not be a same in Liberia with Ebola,” pronounced Mary Freeman, who attends a Faith Healing Temple of Jesus Christ of Monrovia, adding that she had started fasting on Wednesday morning.

“The Lord has taken pre-eminence over a situation.”

Benitoe pronounced a quick and request will be resolved on Friday with prayers and communion services opposite a country, though given Ebola is rarely infectious, people would have to equivocate touching one another during a communion.

“No one is going to be portion a communion. You will have we buy your possess communion elements. Bread and booze or biscuit and non-alcoholic booze or red juice,” he said.

Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/10/30/liberians-fast-pray-for-three-days-to-break-ebola-curse/

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