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Lionel Richie’s Name Misspelled On-Screen During BET’s Lifetime Achievement …

During BET Awards telecast on Sunday, Jun 29, a thespian supposed his endowment with a name ‘Lionel Ritchie’ appearing on-screen.

Lionel Richie was a large leader during a 2014 BET Awards as he was respected with a Lifetime Achievement endowment during a eventuality that aired live on Sunday night, Jun 29. However, BET clearly churned adult a singer’s final name with someone else’s as he supposed his endowment onstage with a name “Lionel Ritchie” appearing on-screen.

The misspelled name shortly started trending on Twitter. Some viewers who were wakeful of a blunder talked about it on a micro-blogging site. “@LionelRichie’s name improved not be misspelled on a tangible award,” one spectator said. Another added, “You unequivocally didn’t misspell his name, @BETAwards!!!!???? C’mon y’all!!! OMG!!!”

Before holding a theatre to accept his endowment from Pharrell Williams, Richie was treated to performances by several artists including John Legend, Ledisi and Yolanda Adams who lonesome his songs.

“That was positively amazing,” Richie said. “Everyone did a good job. These are all a songs that they told me would hurt my career.”

He added, “Soul is a feeling, not a color. Talent is a God-given present and not a category. Out of a box is that enchanting place where talent – pristine talent – goes to live and flower and breath. And might we never give that adult as prolonged as you’re in this business.”

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