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Little wish for 8 trapped Honduran miners

SAN JUAN ARRIBA, Honduras, Jul 5 (Reuters) – Rescuers said
there was small wish that 8 miners trapped subterraneous in
an bootleg Honduran bullion cave would be found alive, after rescue
efforts were dangling on Saturday due to a risk of new

Rescue workers pronounced they had smelled tainted odours entrance from
the cave during an operation on Friday to giveaway 3 of a 11
workers trapped by a landslide during a cave in San Juan Arriba on

There have been no signs of life from a 8 still
missing and their plcae in a mine, a intricacy of vertical
and plane tunnels, is unknown.

“More than 60 hours have upheld now and a formidable to
think that they are alive,” rescue orator Oscar Triminio told

Rescue operations have been dangling given Friday night due
to a risk of new landslides inside a cave trapping rescue
workers, Trimonio said.

He combined that a preference was still being taken on either to
continue efforts or move in complicated machinery, that would only
be used if there was no wish of anticipating workers alive.

“There are really clever smells of decomposing substances, but
we can't contend nonetheless either it is a bodies,” Triminio said.

Teams from Guatemala and El Salvador are assisting with the
Honduran rescue efforts.

The cave is in a alpine area in southern Honduras where
a immeasurable network of subterraneous tunnels make adult some-more than 50
mines. Small-scale bullion descent has been regenerated in a area
in new years due to aloft bullion prices.

“I urge to God that they get him out to me … so that we can
bury him in a cool way,” Rosa Carcamo, whose 17-year-old
nephew Yovany Carcamo was one of a 8 still trapped, told
local media.

(Reporting by Gustavo Palencia in Tegucigalpa; Writing by
Christine Murray; Editing by Stephen Powell)

Article source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/05/honduras-mining-idUSL6N0PG0PA20140705

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