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Lloyd Webber to revitalise ‘Cats’ in London, hints during movie

LONDON (Reuters) – Andrew Lloyd Webber is about to find out if felines have some-more than one life – and presumably a cinematic one as good – as he prepares to move his 1980s strike low-pitched “Cats” behind to London’s West End for a singular run.

The creator of strike musicals including “Evita” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”, announced skeleton this week to revitalise “Cats”, his 1981 uncover formed on producer T.S. Eliot’s “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”, for a two-week run during a finish of this year.

“I cruise it’s only a good eventuality for us to get a second book … with this uncover we cruise it would be good only to have a go during it again and give it a bit of a rethink,” he pronounced during a launch eventuality hold in a London museum on Monday.

Lloyd Webber pronounced he would also cruise bringing behind some of his other hits, such as “Phantom of a Opera” and “Starlight Express”, and that film versions were a possibility.

    ”Yes we cruise it’s really probable that we competence have a demeanour during one or dual of my shows,” Lloyd Webber said.

“And of course, a other thing that’s function is them being done into cinema … There is substantial speak during final about “Cats” being done into a film so it gives me a possibility to cruise about a element and how that can happen.”

Lloyd-Webber’s some-more new musicals have not enjoyed a success of his progressing efforts. His many new incursion into a West End was “Stephen Ward”, about a 1961 British politics-and-sex relationship famous as The Profumo Affair that arose from a passionate relationship between a afterwards Secretary of War, John Profumo, and determined indication Christine Keeler.

The prolongation non-stop in Dec 2013 though struggled during a box bureau and had a final opening during a finish of March.   


(Writing by Michael Roddy; Editing by Catherine Evans)

Article source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/08/us-theatre-britain-cats-idUSKBN0FD0PW20140708

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