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Local 9-Year-Old with Rare Disease to Travel a World to Make Memories – KCEN

KEMPNER – In Kempner, Texas lives a unequivocally special boy, with a unequivocally special story… one we unequivocally have to see and hear for yourself.

Antonio Laguna is 9-years-old. He’s nonsensical like a normal 9-year-old. He’s into 9-year-old “boy” things like bugs. His laugh, well, his giggle is a many foul thing I’ve ever encountered. But Antonio is fighting something no 9-year-old child should have to go through.

“ROHHAD is flattering bad,” pronounced Antonio. “It can make my heart close down. It tells my mind to stop breathing.” Antonio suffers from an intensely singular disease. It is so singular that reduction than 100 people have ever been diagnosed with ROHHAD. Antonio is one of about 20 children worldwide now fighting a disease.

Simply put, ROHHAD (Rapid-onset Obesity with Hypoventilation, Hypothalamic dysfunction and Autonomic Dysregulation) fundamentally tells his physique to stop doing normal functions like respirating or when to stop eating. “It does some flattering hurtful things,” pronounced Antonio.

It’s a fight he fights each day. That’s because when he got his “Make a Wish”, he chose to have a hothouse and orchard. Not usually does this 9-year-old adore to grow his possess food to assistance with his condition, though he wanted to be means to grow food to assistance feed people.

That was some-more than a year ago. Fast brazen to today, and Antonio is about to embark on an even bigger adventure.

“I’m gonna transport a world. I’m flattering excited, though a small shaken to go on airplanes,” he laughed.

Antonio is constantly undergoing contrast to see how his physique is progressing. The final check adult didn’t go as expected. There was some good news like his heart is doing great, though there was also some bad news.

“His respiratory condition has gotten almost worse,” pronounced Candace, Antonio’s mother. “It was one of a large pushes. We’re not going to wait. Today is guaranteed though tomorrow is not,” combined his father, Frank.

So but a second thought, Frank and Candace pulled their 4 children out of propagandize to start homeschooling. Then they sole a infancy of their belongings. “We are down to a basis in a house,” pronounced Frank. Now they are in routine of removing all their passports.

“We’re gonna strike a universe running,” smiled Candace. “We’re going to get some memories going,” pronounced Frank.

With Frank being late military, he’s entitled to “Space-A”, where he and a family can locate open seats on certain flights for free. With a income they’ve saved and done from offered their belongings, they devise to start a adventures in dual weeks.

First stop: Great Wall of China (or so Antonio hopes.)

“I wish to eat bugs in China,” he laughed. Yes, bugs.. chocolate-carmel lonesome bugs. Remember, he IS a 9-year-old boy. Other places on a children’s wish list are Germany, Italy and Paris.

“We wish to do a general roving while Antonio is still mobile,” pronounced Candace. Once he starts carrying difficulty removing around, a family skeleton on shopping an aged RV or train to transport opposite a U.S.

“I’ve designed all my things out,” Antonio pronounced with a outrageous smile. “It’s super cool.”

And only a few difference of knowledge from a 9-year-old:

If you’re meditative about traveling, go for it and don’t wait. “They should, to knowledge some-more things,” he said.

To find out some-more about ROHHAD (Click here).

Article source: http://www.kcentv.com/story/30459371/local-9-year-old-with-rare-disease-to-travel-the-world-to-make-memories

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