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Look out, HoloLens — Sony’s dorky augmented-reality eyeglasses go on sale in …

Microsoft warranted some hum progressing this year when it introduced a Hololens augmented-reality eyeglasses device. Now, Sony is announcing skeleton to recover a identical device of a own.

The Japanese house suggested currently that it will launch a SED-E1 SmartEyeglass Developer Edition on Mar 10 for $840. Despite a “Developer Edition” label, consumers in a U.S., a U.K., Germany, and Japan will have entrance to a device by a company’s online store, and Sony will also sell it to “enterprise customers” in other European countries. The SmartEyeglass is accessible for preorder in Germany and U.K. right now, and Sony promises to put it adult for sale in a U.S. and Japan soon. The device gives wearers a video conceal on tip of their prophesy that provides applicable information like directions — it also has gaming intensity in terms of location-based apps like Google’s Ingress. It is also a predecessor of sorts to Sony’s take on practical existence with a Project Morpheus head-mounted display.

Sony is only one of a companies perplexing to figure out a wearable-computer space. While Facebook’s Oculus VR association is a viewed personality in practical reality, Microsoft has positioned itself on a slicing corner of protracted reality.

Compared to those devices, a SmartEyeglass already looks really stale. You can see in a demo video that Sony’s device acts essentially as an prolongation of your phone. It shows directions and content messages in a dull green-and-black, and a cord dangles down from a side to a handheld controller dongle that we use to correlate with a on-screen information.

Oh, and a eyeglasses make a select ladies in Sony’s proof demeanour like a biggest dweebs on a planet.

Check it out:

Sony admits that it isn’t going for mass-market interest with this release. It only wants to get developers operative within a ecosystem. This is not distinct Google’s Glass project, that that association has recently scaled back.

Sony might find some-more success in this space than Google did But with a earnest HoloLens and Oculus Rift already hogging so most mindshare for AR and VR, it seems doubtful that Sony’s bulky face mechanism will even locate on with developers.

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