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LOOK OUT! It’s a GOOBER! Google’s über-Uber robo apptaxi ploy

Google might be operative on an Uber-like use regulating unconstrained vehicles, reports Bloomberg.

The financial newswire’s story says Google’s arch authorised officer David Drummond, who sits on Uber’s board, has mentioned Google’s seductiveness in some kind of Uber competitor, and that probable conflicts of seductiveness are therefore being discussed. Google has apparently also finished adequate work on a car-summoning app that it can uncover off screenshots.

The tract thickens when one considers that Google Ventures was a source for most of Uber’s startup capital: a Chocolate Factory tossed US$258m Uber’s approach in 2013 and some-more income again final year.

Google’s a satisfactory approach off removing any of a unconstrained cars on a road, never mind adequate of them to offer a decent cab service. So Uber substantially has a satisfactory while before it needs to worry about this development.

Google, however, might be in bigger trouble: if it is indeed betting opposite a possess investment, or there’s a spirit that a possess skeleton are sensitive by a participation on investee companies boards, a association might not be means to give a income divided in future. ®

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Article source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/02/03/google_working_on_robot_uberkiller_report/

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