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Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin ‘confident’ after charges filed opposite him

Clippers star Blake Griffin pronounced he’s “confident” in his initial comments given a misconduct battery charged was filed opposite him in Las Vegas, stemming from a nightclub incident.

“I’m not unequivocally authorised to pronounce on that,” Griffin pronounced before Thursday’s Clippers practice. “I’m unequivocally assured in a situation, so once we can we will.”

Asked if a conditions was scary, Griffin said: “I would unequivocally not contend scary. (It’s) some-more that we feel bad for a fact it’s a distraction. we don’t know how large of a daze it unequivocally is, though that’s what we feel mostly bad about.”

The Clippers (4-3) had their training stay in Las Vegas and afterwards went behind to Las Vegas for an muster diversion on Oct. 18 during Mandalay Bay. The occurrence occurred after that game.

The complaint, done by Daniel Schuman, alleges that Griffin “willfully and unlawfully used force or violence.”

“I adore Blake (and) support Blake,” Doc Rivers said. “This will work out. Blake was some-more dissapoint that he suspicion it was any daze for a team. He didn’t wish that. we consider it’s good he feels that way. I’m always some-more endangered with a particular involved. It will play itself out.”

Rivers pronounced he wouldn’t change a conditions that has a Clippers training stay in Las Vegas.

Asked if a conditions was disappointing, Rivers said: “There are situations in life. We all have situations … Really, things happen. we don’t consider anyone, we know on this team, don’t intend for them to happen. We’re young. A lot of a guys are immature and they learn. You can demeanour during it as a certain thing, where we all learn from it as a group.”

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Added Chris Paul: “We don’t unequivocally speak about it. At a same time he’s a teammate, he’s a brother. We’re always going to be there for him.”

Griffin pronounced this conditions hasn’t been a daze for him.

“It hasn’t really, to be honest,” Griffin said. “My whole concentration right now is basketball. we guarantee we we will answer these questions when we can.”

An prosecution is scheduled for Dec. 8 in Las Vegas.

Information from a Associated Press was used in this report.

Article source: http://www.foxsports.com/west/story/clippers-griffin-confident-after-charges-filed-against-him-111314

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