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Losartan No Better Than Atenolol In Marfan’s Syndrome

Beta-blockers have been a customary diagnosis for people with Marfan’s syndrome, a singular hereditary junction hankie commotion that affects about 1 in 5000 people. The idea of diagnosis is to forestall or delayed down a expansion of a aorta and equivocate aortic dissection, a categorical means of death. In new years, studies have lifted a wish that losartan, an angiotensin receptor blocker, competence be some-more effective than beta-blockers in negligence aortic enlargement.

The Pediatric Heart Network Investigators randomized 608 children and immature adults with Marfan’s syndrome to a beta-blocker atenolol or losartan. After 3 years of follow-up, they reported no poignant disproportion between a dual groups in a dimensions of aortic-root growth. There were also no differences between a groups in a rates of aortic surgery, aortic dissection, or death. Results of a hearing were presented during a American Heart Association assembly in Chicago and published concurrently in the New England Journal of Medicine.

One anticipating of intensity significance was that a rate of aortic expansion decreased some-more in younger patients in both diagnosis groups. “This anticipating suggests that there is consequence in starting therapy during a younger age and during an progressing theatre of a disease,” pronounced Ronald Lacro, a principal questioner of a study.

John Elefteriades was a discussant of a hearing during a AHA meeting. He pronounced it was doubtful that a hearing outcome was a false-negative, given it enrolled adequate patients, gave a sufficient sip of a investigate drugs, and followed patients for a prolonged adequate time. He pronounced that a “therapeutic shiver is not totally empty,” though, as early studies lift a wish that statins might be useful in this condition.

In the concomitant editorial in NEJM, Juan Bowen and Heidi Connolly advise that clinicians “should continue to cruise beta-blockers to be a primary medical therapy for aortic insurance in Marfan’s syndrome. Losartan appears to be a reasonable diagnosis option, generally in patients who can't take beta-blockers.”


Article source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/larryhusten/2014/11/19/losartan-no-better-than-atenolol-in-marfans-syndrome/

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