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Lowdown on Dow

The Dow Jones industrial average, an index of 30 U.S. blue-chip stocks, is a oldest barometer of a batch market. On Thursday, it jumped above 17,000 for a initial time in a 118-year history.

What is it?

The Dow is a organisation of 30 vast corporations, scarcely all of them domicile names, and a dips and jumps during a trade day simulate changes in their share prices. Its disdainful register runs from American Express to Walt Disney. Other indexes, such as a Standard Poor’s 500, embody many some-more companies, providing a improved altogether design of a market’s performance. The Dow might not be a best measure, yet a oldest index stays a best-known shorthand for a batch market.


In a late 19th century, following several froth and busts, many investors deliberate a batch marketplace a dangerous place. Charles H. Dow total his index, partly to make a marketplace easier to understand. The strange chronicle had 12 vast businesses, including American Cotton Oil, National Lead, and Laclede Gas Light Co. Dow initial published his normal on May 26, 1896; after that year, a Wall Street Journal began using it in a daily paper.

A name group

The series of companies creation adult a index stretched to 20 in 1916 and afterwards to 30 in 1928. The series has remained a same given then, yet a expel of characters changes each few years. Last September, Goldman Sachs, Nike, and Visa transposed Alcoa, Hewlett-Packard, and Bank of America. Entry is limited to a association that “has an glorious reputation, demonstrates postulated growth, and is of seductiveness to a vast series of investors,” according to a Dow’s managers.

Longest-standing member

General Electric Co. is a usually remaining strange member. The industrial hulk forsaken out of a normal for brief spells yet returned for good in 1907.

Best day and misfortune day

The Dow’s biggest commission burst was some-more than 15 percent when it reopened on Mar 15, 1933, during a Great Depression. The newly inaugurated President Franklin D. Roosevelt had tighten down a banking complement progressing that month. During this extended bank holiday, Congress upheld a law to seaside adult a financial complement and Roosevelt total a country’s initial word for bank deposits. The biggest commission dump was on Oct. 19, 1987, when it fell 508 points, or roughly 23 percent, to tighten during 1,738.74. An overvalued batch marketplace and expectations of rising seductiveness rates total with computerized trade to emanate that crash, famous as Black Monday.

Who owns it?

The Dow Jones industrial normal is no longer run by Dow Jones, a media association that publishes a Wall Street Journal. The index is distributed and published by SP Dow Jones Indices, a joint-venture association that is majority-owned by a edition hulk McGraw-Hill. CME Group and Dow Jones reason smaller stakes.

What moves?

A $1 change in any Dow batch is equal to a pierce of 6.42 points for a Dow. In other words, if one blue chip rose $1, and a 29 other companies sat still, a Dow would boost 6.42 points.

Article source: http://www.philly.com/philly/business/20140704_Lowdown_on_Dow.html

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