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Lumia phone leaks with a 1020-like camera hump

Microsoft RM-1052 prototype

For a while, rumors were present that Microsoft was operative on McLaren — a inheritor to a Lumia 1020 with a hulk camera and “3D touch” gestures. It was presumably cancelled, though a listing for a antecedent on Chinese auction site Taobao suggests that a device (or something like it) was tighten to completion. Known usually by a inner RM-1052 name, a Windows Phone has a 1020-like camera mound and identical styling cues, though it’s done mostly of aluminum. There’s usually a spirit of cosmetic during a bottom that’s presumably meant to urge wireless reception. The poser phone appears to have higher performance, too, given a program shot points to a 1080p shade instead of a comparison phone’s 720p panel.

While a picture is firm to smooth a ardour of mobile photography fans, it’s not positively certain that this is McLaren. The camera doesn’t seem to have a automatic shutter, and it looks like there’s a required LED peep instead of xenon; possibly Microsoft was formulation to scale behind a visual record on McLaren, or this is another device entirely. If it’s a latter, there’s still a possibility that this represents a destiny product, rather than a prophesy of a Lumia that competence have been.

Microsoft RM-1052 prototype

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