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MacMullan: Here’s a truly scary part; New England hasn’t come tighten to …

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — They chase on slights, genuine or imagined, marinating in their solve so it can decay quietly, secretly and in finish unison with one another.

Inform a New England Patriots they are diseased opposite a run and they will dutifully wait a event to make that stipulation — borne of legitimate statistical evidence, mind we — a matter of pristine folly.

When we advise a Miami Dolphins have new life underneath wunderkind (and foot stay print boy) manager Dan Campbell, and that maybe — usually maybe — they will infer to be a challenging multiplication competition for a clearly inflexible Patriots, a guys in a china helmets with that new-wave American jingoist trademark competence as good govern a common shrug.

Been there. Heard that.

So … never mind. It was a old-fashioned storyline, those pretender fishies sporting a teal trim and visions of slaying a dragon, though New England has no time or seductiveness in contributing to anyone else’s narrative. They have their possess ideas of what this deteriorate means to them, either or not they select to share that with a common masses.

You wish physicality? You wish to see a loyal Oklahoma drill? Then take records while a Patriots’ invulnerability batters using behind Lamar Miller — a man who rushed for 175 yards final week — into finish and sum submission. (Miller finished this diversion — a 36-7 Patriots feat — with 15 yards in 9 carries).

Watch how New England’s invulnerability harrasses Miami’s not-quite-ready-for-prime-time quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who had finished 25 uninterrupted passes as recently as 4 days ago, though on this night was harried into careless throws, bad decisions and ban interceptions.

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