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‘Mad Men’ reflections: The expel looks back

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As AMC’s Mad Men starts a final 7 episodes (Sunday, 10 p.m. ET/PT), a actors who have brought a 1960s New York promotion universe to life speak to USA TODAY about some of their favorite episodes and other noted happenings.

Elisabeth Moss

(Peggy Olson)

Favorite episode: Season 4′s The Suitcase, that facilities Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Peggy covering a lot of romantic belligerent as they emanate a Samsonite ad campaign. “It’s a pleasing episode, a thought of carrying dual characters come together after all a things that happened with her baby and him meaningful that and her meaningful about his flaws. Finally, we get these dual characters together and they talk. It felt like a play.”

Favorite prop: “The red Thermos that is always in a bureau that she never uses. we took that and took this ring that I’ve ragged in each episode. we took this purple chair that was in my bureau and a typewriter and a telephone.”

Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell)

Favorite prop: “There were some classics: a Chip ‘n Dip, a rifle. The pajamas were great.”

Pete’s best trait: “Loyalty. And he also has a ability to do a unpopular thing. we consider that has a lot of value in a association like Sterling Cooper.Sometimes, we need a man who’s peaceful to do a unwashed deed, if we will.”

Pete’s misfortune trait: “Petulance. Bitterness. Entitlement. White privilege, (but) they all have that, right?”

John Slattery (Roger Sterling)

Funniest moment: Roger “singing Frere Jacques, creation fun of Don Draper” after mother Megan’s provocative singing opening in a Season 5 opener. “I couldn’t do it though laughing.”

Roger’s best traits: “Loyalty, though also an ability to distance adult a conditions and make a choice and live with it, even by regret. And pragmatism. we don’t consider he ever attempted to be perfect.” Worst? “Indulgence. He’s good during that. we don’t know how easy he’d be to live with, though it would be a lot of fun.”

Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris)

Dark moment: “It was flattering strenuous for Joan to have a father of her baby consider she’s removing an abortion, though she goes and keeps this child. To be alone by all of that and creation that preference on her possess we consider was a dim place for her.”

Lighter dim moment: From Season 3′s Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency. “It’s still a dim impulse where Don and Joan are in a sanatorium (after a grass mower mangles an executive’s foot). And we’re arrange of sitting there creation jokes about it, that we consider is so funny. It’s what people do. In these dark, dim moments, we make these ill jokes.”

January Jones (Betty Francis)

On tract secrecy: “The final book was blank a final few pages. After a list read, (creator Matthew Weiner) brought a core organisation of us into his bureau to review a final bit and we were all happy and romantic about it. we consider we’re all vehement for it to air, so we can speak about it.”

On ’60s fashion: “If it’s a duration piece, it’s always so many easier to immediately feel opposite than yourself when we demeanour in a mirror. For Betty, a garments told a story of their own, how she was feeling or who she was married to. She was some-more of a Grace Kelly with Don, and some-more of a Jackie Kennedy when she was with Henry (Christopher Stanley).”

Betty’s best trait: “Her resilience. And maybe her innocence in a way. we consider it’s really engaging that Betty’s a usually impression we see reading anything carrying to do with feminism. She knows what’s going on, she’s only happy with a trail she’s taking.”

Betty’s misfortune traits: “Her impatience, her temper. She’s a bit childlike that way.”

Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper)

Maturation moment: When Sally smokes a cigarette, distinguished a Betty-like pose, in Season 7′s mid-season finale. “It was really cold and it felt really surreal to be doing that. This felt really milestone-ish. It was extraordinary to consider (Mad Men) started when we was 6 and now I’m here as a same impression smoking a cigarette outward alone in this really retro way.”

Shocking moment: Catching her father carrying an event with a neighbor in Season 6′s Favors. “It was dire and she was disgusted. It altered her perspective on adults. She felt betrayed. That deteriorate she was on an (upswing) and that was heartbreaking.”

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