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Maine urges boaters to check for invasive plants

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Officials are propelling Mainers to check their boats to forestall a widespread of invasive plants and animals.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection says that Maine boaters should mislay plants and animals from their vessel before and after they take their qualification into a water.

Agency officials contend that no new bodies of H2O in Maine were reported carrying invasive nautical plants final year or early this year and one lake was taken off a filthy list.

But there are still 24 famous infestations of invasive class in a state, quite in southern and western Maine.

Commissioner Patricia Aho says infestations can be dear to a state and can revoke skill values.

Article source: http://www.sfgate.com/news/science/article/Maine-urges-boaters-to-check-for-invasive-plants-5602464.php

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