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Mama Jun Lets Honey Boo Boo Be Close to Her Sex Offender Boyfriend

A new print shows a family matriach of ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ sitting on a stairway as her 9-year-old daughter is behind her with a male who molested her eldest daughter as a child.

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A new print shows Mama Jun Shannon permitting her 9-year-old daughter Honey Boo Boo a.k.a Alana Thompson to be tighten to her sex delinquent boyfriend. In a print performed by TMZ, Mama Jun could be seen sitting on a stairway while Alana was behind her with Mark McDaniel. The print was allegedly taken final month.

Previously, TMZ common several pictures, also taken final month, of Mama Jun residence sport with Mark in Hampton, GA. In one of a pictures, they seemed to travel palm in palm as they strolled in a property. In another picture, Mama June’s daughter Pumpkin, who formerly denied her mom was saying Mark again, was seen fasten her mom in a house-hunting trip. She even took a snap with Mark’s son.

In prior report, Mama June’s eldest daughter Anna Cardwell non-stop adult about a seduction she suffered during a hands of Mark when she was 8-year-old. She told PEOPLE that Mark “would try and hold me and all that stuff.”

Anna pronounced she was “confused” and didn’t know what to trust when reports of her mom dating Mark emerged while her mom kept denying it. “Mama pronounced a story isn’t loyal and she pronounced she hasn’t seen Mark given he’s been out of jail,” she shared, “My whole physique believes that she is revelation a truth, though my mind is going behind and onward from – we know, hey, she’s revelation a law or she’s not revelation a truth, though many of me believes her.”

When asked if her mom competence distortion to her, Anna responded, “I would feel hurt. we would not feel betrayed, though we would feel hurt. You know a past should be in a past and it should stay in a past and not come behind out.”

She added, “I would not let her see Kaitlyn unless Mark is out of a design or divided since we don’t wish him nowhere nearby my child. Nowhere tighten to her.”

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