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Man vs. Social Media: Travel Channel’s Adam Richman in TV Personality …

Adam Richman launched his TV career by eating a outrageous apportionment of corned beef. Now to save his TV career, he’s going to have to eat a outrageous raise of crow.

Richman has emerged as a latest luminary to land his career in jeopardy interjection to some miserable visualisation on amicable media. He posted a design of himself on Instagram, bragging about his recent weight loss and including a hashtag #thinspiration. Some commenters criticized Richman for regulating a term, suggesting that it’s renouned in a “pro-anorexia” village and used to inspire diseased behavior. Richman responded profanely in a array of outbursts, and endorsed that one of his critics dedicate suicide.

All in all, not a best career move. As a result, Richman now finds himself stranded in a state of TV-personality purgatory, anticipating that a few convincing acts of open remorse, self-flagellation, and reparation will be adequate to convince his media and publicity partners not to dump him in a face of open anger.

The pivotal to Richman’s self-preservation will be holding onto his all-important roost during a Travel Channel. It was the Travel Channel, after all, that first catapulted him out of shade by casting him as a horde of a surprisingly renouned uncover Man v. Food. And it’s a Travel Channel from that all of Richman’s profitable fan bottom eventually stems.

One intensity problem for Richman is that a infancy owners of a Travel Channel is Scripps Networks Interactive (SNI). The association also owns a Food Network, and only final year had to continue a storm of open outrage due to argumentative comments done by Paula Deen. The Food Network eventually forsaken Deen, that valid to be a catastrophic blow to a luminary chef, who was shortly deserted by a cascade of publicity partners.

It’s accurately a kind of sequence greeting that Richman positively hopes to avoid. His many critical publicity understanding is pitching meat for Wal-Mart Stores (WMT)—another association that dumped Deen in a midst of her controversy. On a and side for Richman, however, a Food Network has suffered by a bit of a severe patch given transfer Deen, that competence give Scripps executives second thoughts about walking divided from another one of their stars.

Last week a Travel Channel announced it would indefinitely postpone a premier of Richman’s new show, Man Finds Food, that was set to make a entrance on Jul 2. A orator for a network declined to comment.

While Richman hasn’t nonetheless postulated any interviews, he has expelled a matter to ABC News apologizing for his “inexcusable remarks.” He added: “I’ve prolonged struggled with my physique picture and have worked really tough to grasp a healthy weight.”

Allen Adamson, authority of a North America segment during Landor Associates, says that a some-more polarizing or socially unsuitable a comment, a longer it takes a luminary to rehabilitate themselves. In general, weight-related controversies tend to be easier to overcome than, say, race-related ones. “I don’t consider this is debilitating,” says Adamson. “He’ll tarry this. He didn’t hold a third rail—race or prejudice.”

In a weeks ahead, design Richman to ramp adult a open contrition. “He needs to make a really focused and frank bid to chuck H2O on this fire,” says Adamson. “If he ignores a problem, it will only continue to grow.”

Article source: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-07-07/travel-channel-adam-richman-is-in-tv-personality-purgatory

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