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MannKind Wins Backing of US Advisory Panel for Inhaled Insulin

MannKind Corp. (MNKD:US)’s inhaled diabetes
treatment won a recommendation of a U.S. advisory panel,
moving a association another step closer in a long-running
effort get a initial product on a market.

Food and Drug Administration advisers voted 13 to 1 and 14
to 0 yesterday that a drug, Afrezza, should be authorized for
Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, respectively. The FDA doesn’t have
to follow a panel’s recommendation. FDA staff lifted concerns
in a news Mar 28 that a drug competence impact lung duty and
questioned blank information from a investigate of Type 1 patients.

MannKind has spent roughly 8 years seeking capitulation of
its diabetes therapy given starting late-stage clinical trials.
The Valencia, California-based company’s share cost has bounced
from a high of $21.70 to a low of $1.60 as Pfizer Inc. pulled
the usually inhaled insulin from a marketplace and a FDA twice
rejected MannKind’s therapy, many recently in 2011, after the
company switched inhalers during a examination process.

“We are gratified with a advisory committee’s approval
recommendation in support of Afrezza, and we conclude the
thoroughness of their review,” pronounced Alfred Mann, a company’s
88-year-old founder, chairman, arch executive officer and
largest shareholder. “Diabetes is a vital health problem in the
United States, and we are committed to move Afrezza to a many
patients who competence advantage from this novel product.”

While some row members who endorsed capitulation expressed
reservations about intensity reserve risks, they pronounced MannKind
demonstrated Afrezza works. The advisers also pronounced a benefit
of an choice to insulin injections outweighed their
concerns or could be addressed in a medicine’s labeling.

Sales Estimates

If approved, Afrezza competence beget $534 million in 2018,
according to a normal estimate (MNKD:US) of 3 analysts gathered by
Bloomberg. The FDA is approaching to confirm either to transparent the
drug for sale by Apr 15.

MannKind some-more than doubled to $8.46 in extended trade at
6:59 p.m. New York time yesterday after being halted during the
day while a row met. The association declined five true days (MNKD:US)
leading to a meeting, including a 17 percent dump to $4.02 at
the tighten Mar 31, a biggest single-day tumble given October
2012, as investors were endangered a row competence conflict negatively
to a diabetes therapy.

About 26 million people in a U.S. had diabetes in 2010,
or 8.3 percent of a population, according to a Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention. The condition, that is caused
when a physique doesn’t use insulin scrupulously or doesn’t make the
hormone, is a seventh-leading means of genocide in a U.S.
Insulin is a hormone secreted by a pancreas that helps the
body control blood sugar. Type 2 accounts for 90 percent to 95
percent of diabetes cases in a U.S.

Pfizer’s Product

Pfizer Inc. (PFE:US) done a usually other inhaled insulin, Exubera,
approved in 2006. The New York-based drugmaker pulled the
product after sales were reduce than expected, according to the
FDA staff report. The drug was compared with a aloft risk of
lung cancer since insulin is directly deposited in a lungs
and a drug is a expansion factor. FDA staff pronounced this competence be a
concern with Afrezza as well.

FDA staff suggested dual post-market studies to evaluate
lung-cancer risk in MannKind’s product.

Mann has pronounced his company’s drug is opposite than Pfizer’s
earlier product. The insulin is inhaled before a dish and works
faster than injectable products, some-more closely mimicking natural
insulin prolongation in healthy people, a association said.

Afrezza would contest with Eli Lilly Co.’s Humalog and
Novo Nordisk A/S (NOVOB)’s Novolog, both injected insulins. Novolog
generated $3 billion in sales final year and Humalog brought in
$2.6 billion, according to information gathered by Bloomberg. Many
diabetics start diagnosis on an comparison drug called metformin, a
pill that can remove efficacy over time.

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