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Marathon Mars Rover Suffers Amnesia And Possible Budget Chopping

The Opportunity rover, still adult and regulating millions of miles divided from us, has suffered a brief “tech amnesia” while exploring an area called ‘Spirit of St. Louis’. In associated news, a latest NASA bill offer could clout off support for a aged rover.

NASA Opportunity rover

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Last month, NASA announced that a Opportunity corsair had finished a marathon. After eleven years, a 185 kg rover has trafficked 26.219 miles or 42 kilometers from a alighting site named Eagle Crater, to a place they call ‘Spirit of St. Louis’ crater.

It was a second initial for a aged rover. Last year, it pennyless a record done by a USSR Lunar corsair Lunokhod 2 some-more than forty years ago, while last March’s marathon run was a initial time any synthetic rover has trafficked such stretch outward of Earth.

The Opportunity mission’s original devise was to try a red world for 90 luminary (days in Mars), and apparently, a corsair is still adult and running, and able to broach information from 140 million miles divided from us.

Amnesia after marathon

Several days after announcing Opportunity’s marathon run, a group on Friday revealed that a corsair has gifted a brief amnesia. The problem was rescued final Thursday, and was related to a machine’s built-in peep memory. According to NASA, a problem occurred 5 days after a group had reformatted Opportunity’s memory.

Opportunity can store information even when power is incited off regulating 7 apart peep memory. This setup allows NASA to appetite down a corsair each Mars night to save appetite generated by a solar panels. However, one of a storage banks on board, a ‘Bank 7′, has been experiencing several issues.

On Mar 20, a mission’s engineers during a Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California have uploaded a new program to repair a Bank 7’s issues — and that is by bypassing a whole bank and let a corsair use a remaining six.

Opportunity had gifted several mechanism resets before a mission’s switch to “no peep memory” setup behind in December. The mission’s plan manager John Callas pronounced a group is “a small disappointed” though “not surprised” after detecting a amnesia.

“There is still no transparent bargain of what is causing a problems,” he said. “Only time will tell if we have been successful in mitigating a many critical peep problems.”

The good news, a tech-amnesia did not outcome in any detriment of critical data, and a goal resumed shortly thereafter. Opportunity is now set to try a rock called “Athens”.

Opportunity bill chopping proposed

Here comes a brew of good and bad news. The good news, a initial breeze of NASA’s bill would concede scrutiny of “potentially habitable” moon of Jupiter, Europa. The bad news, this same offer would cut a bill allocation for the Opportunity rover, and also a Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Although a space bill is still not finalized, many space fans have been expressing their beating on several outlets including in renouned amicable networking site Twitter. Ξ

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