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Marijuana Extract Tames Brain Seizures

According to a new investigate saved by drug builder GW Pharmaceuticals, a glass marijuana remove can assist in treating people with serious epilepsy. In fact, it is reportedly even some-more effective with patients who do not respond to other treatments.


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The collegiate inquisitive group complicated a sum of 213 adult and child subjects pang from epilepsy. The patients had one of 12 opposite kinds of epilepsy such as Lennonx-Gastant syndrome and Dravet syndrome that indeed means lifelong seizures and egghead disability. Participants were treated with cannabidiol, a glass form of medical marijuana, for a sum of 3 months. The formula were significant.

Liquid medical pot or cannabidiol did have some side effects. 12 patients pulled out of a plan precisely since of this. 21 percent gifted drowsiness. 17 percent suffered from fatigue. 17 percent suffered from diarrhea and 15 percent had a diminution in appetite.

A sum of 137 subjects finished a investigate investigate and they all had a reduce seizure rate of 54 percent. One of a researchers, Dr. Orrin Devinsky, of New York University Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center in New York City, combined that that 23 out of 137 patients who finished a investigate have Dravet syndrome had a lowered seizure rate of 53 percent. Those with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome had a 55 percent lowered rate of seizure.

Devinsky settled in a release: “So distant there have been few grave studies on this pot extract. These formula are of good interest, generally for a children and their relatives who have been acid for an answer for these debilitating seizures.”

Dr. Scott Stevens, executive of Advanced Clinical Experience in Neurology during North-Shore-LIJ Health System in Manhasset, New York, concluded: “Prior to this study, there were especially anecdotal reports and really few grave studies evaluating cannabidiol, a member of cannabis, in treating seizures.”  He believes this to be an critical step in substantiating medical pot as a legitimate diagnosis for epilepsy.

Marijuana Extract Tames Brain Seizures

Article source: http://americanlivewire.com/2015-04-14-marijuana-extract-tames-brain-seizures/

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