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MCC automotive module receives $1.3 million grant

A Macomb Community College module that seeks to sight workers for a destiny high-tech automotive attention perceived a financial shot in a arm recently.

The National Science Foundation renewed a prior joining to MCCs Center for Advanced Automotive Technology with a $1.3 million extend that will support a module by Jul 2016.

Depending on a swell of a four-year module and accessibility of funds, another $673,000 could be entrance MCCs approach during a 2017 mercantile year.

Alternative-fuel vehicles, materials lightweighting and connected vehicles are some-more than a breakthrough – they are a destiny of transportation, pronounced Joseph Petrosky, vanguard of engineering and modernized record during Macomb. NSFs renovation of appropriation to a CAAT affirms not usually a centers purpose in accelerating critical attention partnership as a automobile attention is intent in transformational change, though it also underscores a continued significance of southeast Michigan as a core of a automotive industry.

Established in 2010, CAAT is housed in MCCs Advanced Technology Center on a colleges South Campus in Warren. A satellite bureau is located during Detroits Wayne State University, a module partner with MCC. It is one of 42 National Science Foundations Advanced Technical Education Centers.

CAAT lists as a goal to:

Increase a pool of automotive technicians, engineering technologists and designers to work with modernized car systems and components;

Lead a approach in partnership among education, industry, supervision and veteran associatiations;

Be a informal apparatus for building and disseminating modernized automotive record education.

As CAAT continues to evolve, module officials wish to diffuse misconceptions about automotive careers, in partial by providing job-shadowing, internships, margin trips and mentoring as good as arranging attention professionals to residence students in high propagandize classrooms and other career growth forums.

Article source: http://www.macombdaily.com/social-affairs/20141022/mcc-automotive-program-receives-13-million-grant

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