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Media Matters Outlines "Do’s and Don’ts" for Bruce Jenner Coverage

When it comes to coverage of ABC’s Bruce Jenner interview, reporters are on notice: Don’t fixate on his coming and don’t “misgender” him. And if we concentration on his genitalia, we run a risk of being labeled a “conservative.”

Those are among a discipline issued Friday by Media Matters for America, a on-going organisation that watches a media, maybe many famous for coverage of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and, many recently, Bill O’Reilly.

Jenner’s talk by Diane Sawyer is scheduled to seem Friday night on 20/20, and Media Matters sent a missive to reporters national progressing that day. It consists of a list of do’s and don’ts.

“Don’t fixate on Jenner’s appearance,” is a No. 1 “don’t” on a list. “Focusing on transgender people’s appearances — generally on how good they ‘pass’ — is spiritless and objectifying. It turns trans people into spectacles,” according to Media Matters.

The tip “do” on a list is to prominence a realities of being transgender. “Most trans people are not famous, wealthy, white existence radio stars,” Media Matters says. “The transgender village — and trans women of tone in sold — faces high levels of discrimination, harassment, and violence, that in spin contributes to aloft levels of poverty, homelessness, and mercantile marginalization.”

Using scold vernacular is also really important, says Media Matters. “Don’t misgender trans people, use a scold pronouns,” a classification said, joining to GLAAD guidelines.

“Don’t concentration on surgery,” is another note from Media Matters. “Focusing on physique tools of transgender people — generally on genitals — is a common use in regressive media since it likewise objectifies trans people and reduces their lives and practice to a list of medical procedures.”

Media Matters also says, “Do explain a advantages of transitioning,” though “Don’t conflate passionate course and gender identity.” 

“There’s no reason to assume about Jenner’s past or destiny regretful relationships,” says Media Matter.

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