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Mets can still do something special

NEW YORK — Terry Collins met with his New York Mets following their dispiriting Game 2 detriment in Kansas City and did what any manager would do when confronted with resources as apocalyptic as his: He lied.

Never a win-one-for-the-skipper type, Collins kept it brief and semi-sweet. This is what he pronounced Thursday that he told his group a night before:

Mets fans still trust as Citi Field readies for World Series spotlight

With planes drifting beyond and a backdrop of automobile correct shops, Andrew Marchand gets a internal World Series vibe from a ballpark area like no other.

  • Down 0-2, Mets place faith in Noah Syndergaard vs. Royals

    The Mets are so positive in Noah Syndergaard that they had deliberate regulating him as a Game 1 starter in Kansas City.

  • “We’ve been here before. We can come back. We’ve finished this before. Just remember what we’ve got to do and let’s get after it.”

    Only these Mets have never been down 0-2 in a World Series (or any postseason array for that matter), so they don’t know if they can come behind because, we know, they’ve never finished it before. They can’t remember what to do since they have no near-identical knowledge to pull from (Game 5 in Los Angeles was a dicey one, though a World Series it was not). That flattering many leaves a Mets with a “let’s get after it” partial of Collins’ charge.

    Let’s get after it? Yeah, that a Mets can do.

    And here’s a sunnier side of a staggering plea they face starting Friday night in Game 3: The Mets still have a possibility to infer they are not merely a good-to-very-good group overwhelmed by stardust that eventually ran into higher hitters who make strike some-more mostly than your internal tavern’s high-arc softball team.

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