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Mickelson, Woods battling to stay on tip of golf games

SAN DIEGO – In some golf circles a fate are being drawn on a careers of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, a huge total who have ordered a brightest spotlight on a PGA Tour’s theatre a past 20 years.

A bit premature?

Absolutely. We’re articulate about dual of a best players of all time, after all, dual players who work hard, are extravagantly gifted and to this day sojourn inspired for some-more conquests.

But a past 13 months have supposing some magnitude of reason for those who are assured Woods and Mickelson are in their final acts.

Age offers another motive to during slightest doubt a futures of a dual best players of their generation, with Woods reduction than a year from branch 40 and Mickelson branch 45 in June.

More basement for a reckless obits: Woods’ physique has been violation down during an shocking rate given 2010, while Mickelson battles arthritis each day.

It usually hasn’t been a flattering design of a dual for some time now.

Last year, a twin total for accurately one top-10 finish on a PGA Tour – Mickelson’s wooer bid in a PGA where he finished second. Equally shocking is a fact Woods has finished a final turn in an central Tour eventuality usually twice in a final 503 days.

This year, Woods is traffic with chipping woes that make him demeanour like a beginner. He missed a cut in a Waste Management Phoenix Open – a initial time in his pro career that he missed uninterrupted cuts – and shot his top score, 82, in a second round.

This week during Torrey Pines, he withdrew on his 12th hole in a initial turn of a Farmers Insurance Open when he tweaked his behind – his third withdrawal due to damage in his final 9 events.

Technically, his chipping is caught, he said, between aged and new patterns as he changes his pitch again. He was all geared adult to go this week – until his behind went out, adding another covering to his misery.

Mickelson, meanwhile, missed a cut during both events and can’t putt.

“It’s really frustrating for me right now,” Mickelson pronounced Friday after his 74-72 sent him home for a week. “I felt really prepared for a start of a year. But my putting is pitiable right now. If we can’t get it behind to my putting levels in 2013, we don’t know what I’ll do … You usually can’t contest out here putting a approach I’m putting a ball.”

Since a start of 2014, Woods, who won 5 times in 2013 and was a actor of a year as voted by his peers, has looked like a bleeding warrior. Mickelson has looked dull and uninspired, heading many to doubt what was wrong with Phil instead of seeking what will Phil do next?

But finished they are not. Not yet. Together, a dual have won 19 majors and 121 PGA Tour titles.

Woods, with 14 majors and 79 wins, is chasing Jack Nicklaus (record 18 majors) and Sam Snead (record 82 Tour wins).

Mickelson, with 42 wins, is chasing 50 Tour titles and an fugitive U.S. Open that would finish a career Grand Slam.

Woods pronounced final week and progressing this week his surgically remade behind was excellent and he was healthy, that is because he pronounced he got his speed behind and was pulsation a round again off a tee.

On Thursday he pronounced he couldn’t activate his glutes and so his behind tightened to a indicate he couldn’t continue. We don’t know what he’ll say, or when and where, next. If a behind spasms were a one-time deal, will see him harsh again. If he takes caring of his chipping problems, we’ll see him win again.

As for Mickelson, he has been observant for 3 weeks now that he’s happy where his diversion is during though he usually can’t score. He’s also been observant he’s creation reticent small mistakes, like a 5 3-putts he had this week. Or carrying a 7-iron in for his second shot on a par-5 and withdrawal with a par.

The dual won’t play a subsequent dual weeks.

Mickelson, after spending time with his family during his 3 kids’ open breaks, will lapse during a Honda Classic in 3 weeks. So will Woods, his behind willing.

It’s been utterly a run for a dual – and for golf fans a universe over. But both have slumped before and will unemployment again. But conjunction is prepared to float off into a nightfall usually yet.

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