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Microsoft Band to Support More Health Data, Bike Apps

The Microsoft Band is about to get a small some-more useful for bikers.

Redmond on Wednesday announced that a wrist-worn activity tracker will shortly work with dual renouned bike apps — MapMyRide and Strav.

“Starting on Apr 23, Microsoft Band business will be means to wear their device during rides and examination opening or share routes with other riders regulating these apps,” according to a post on a Microsoft Devices blog. The new formation comes after Microsoft in Feb added a Bike Tile, that lets Band owners lane rides and draft heart rate, elevation, GPS, speed, and recovery.

Microsoft Band: Activity Tracker

Microsoft Band: Heart Rate Monitor

Microsoft Band: Workouts

Microsoft Band: Steps

Microsoft Band: Sleep

Microsoft Band: Excercise

Microsoft Band: Notifications

Besides that, Microsoft also minute some updates for a Health Web dashboard and app. On a mobile side, a Microsoft Health app shortly will let we lane daily stairs and calorie bake regulating a sensors already built into your phone.

This means we won’t even need a Microsoft band, or any other aptness tracker, to keep lane of this information. The refurbish is slated to hurl out to iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone “in a entrance weeks.”

Finally, a Microsoft Health Web dashboard is also removing a few new features, including a ability to examination your daily steps, sleep, examination frequency, and calorie bake to identical users formed on physique type. You’ll also shortly be means to investigate nap restoration, efficiency, and wake-ups to find out how good your physique restores a resources during a night.

In addition, a dashboard will also shortly yield some-more in-depth insights about that day of a week and what time of a day we perform best, and let we lane your aptness swell regulating chronological information to magnitude alleviation over time. You’ll also be means to keep tabs on your VO2 max, or a limit volume of oxygen used during exercise, and how it increases as your aptness levels improve.

For more, check out PCMag’s full examination of a Microsoft Band , as good as a slideshow above.

Article source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2482379,00.asp

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