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Microsoft disables Cortana for Android voice underline after user complaints

Cortana for Android users are expressing their disappointment after Microsoft incited off a app’s “Hey Cortana” voice activation underline on Sunday. 

While reviewers are undone that they can’t activate Microsoft’s practical partner regulating only their voice, it seems that a feature’s dismissal was indeed finished to lessen a bug. According to Microsoft, when “Hey Cortana” was enabled, people were incompetent to use Android’s systemwide voice-search feature.

In other words, people who wanted to speak to their phones regulating both “OK Google” and “Hey Cortana” weren’t means to. Running Google Now and Cortana corresponding might seem strange, yet Google’s voice-activated hunt can work inside any app. There’s also a matter of Cortana regulating Bing as a default hunt engine—people who cite to use Google for anticipating things on a Web might wish to have a choice of regulating both assistants.

Interestingly, that emanate wasn’t found during a beta routine for Cortana on Android. Users have taken to the app’s Google Play reviews page to rebuke a removal, with some going so distant as to call it “useless” yet a ability to plead Cortana regulating their voices. 

It’s not transparent what a timeline is for a feature’s reinstatement (or if there even is one) yet given a impossibly disastrous user response to Microsoft’s dismissal of a functionality, it would be startling if it doesn’t reappear. Furthermore, if Microsoft skeleton to make Cortana a reasonable aspirant to Google Now, carrying that underline accessible would be a no-brainer. 

At this point, though, it seems doubtful that a functionality will reappear before 2016, given Microsoft substantially won’t wish to re-enable “Hey Cortana” before engineers go on vacation for a holidays. 

Article source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3017550/android/microsoft-disables-cortana-for-android-voice-feature-after-user-complaints.html

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