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Microsoft does Reddit: Five cold things we schooled about Office for iPad

Don’t demeanour now, though a Office for iPad organisation ventured onto Reddit for one of a service’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. Here are a 5 many intriguing things they said.

The Office for iPad organisation and Office for Mac organisation are one and a same

Not a large surprise, though a folks who built a Office for iPad apps are a same ones who are operative on Office for Mac. And it’s a flattering Mac-centric group, too; According to a team, “everyone has an iPad, and a Mac:PC ratio is 16:1.” Don’t design them to exhibit when a subsequent chronicle of Office competence make a approach to a Mac, however; when asked, a organisation would usually contend “we are operative on a subsequent version.”

Office for iPad was built from a belligerent up, and shares formula with OS X

One of a nicest things about a new Office apps is that they feel liquid and gentle on a iPad, and a back-end formula is partial of a reason for that: According to one of a Word developers, a organisation “started with a Mac Office formula base, and ported it from [the comparison OS X Carbon infrastructure] to Cocoa/UIKit.” In fact, building a iPad versions of a Office apps is actually assisting a organisation reconstruct Office for Mac: When it arrives, a OS X apartment should be wholly built in a complicated Cocoa infrastructure—resulting in faster and some-more manageable versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Ballmer authorized Office for iPad

While a Office for iPad organisation didn’t criticism directly about a app suite’s rumored shelving/delays over a years, a team’s technical product manager did let trip that it was Ballmer who authorized Office for iPad’s release, not new CEO Satya Nadella.

Hate all we wish on Clippy, though Max was flattering cool

Max = so most cooler than Clippy.

There were copiousness of comments in a AMA both praising and scornful Office’s aged mascot/3D-assistant Clippy, though one of a Office for iPad team’s Word developers forked out an critical fact in that debate: Clippy wasn’t indeed called Clippy on a Mac—he was Max. “Max was an idol of a Mac SE, and, when he got bored, he’d spin himself into a Rubik’s Cube. In standard Mac fashion, Clippy was lame. Max was cool.”

Macworld has a dark participation in a Microsoft’s Silicon Valley offices

Microsoft iPad for Office team

When asked about “cool selected Apple products” dark in a Office for iPad team’s offices, Derek Johnson forked out that there are quite a few Macworld Eddys and MacUser awards unresolved out in Silicon Valley above a bar done wholly of Office for Mac boxes.
Also, a G4 cubequarium (which is sadly not Macworld-related, though flattering cold all a same).

Article source: http://www.macworld.com/article/2141101/five-interesting-tidbits-from-the-office-for-ipad-ama.html

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