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Microsoft releases a Windows 10 ‘November update’ with a smarter Cortana and more

Windows 10 is indeed flattering great. But Microsoft hasn’t complacent on a laurels: Better messaging, softened device activation, and media casting contain several poignant improvements within a initial vital patch to Windows 10 given a recover in July.

A integrate million users helped Microsoft weigh Windows 10 before a launch. More than 110 million have already downloaded it given then. Today, with a recover of a Nov Update, before famous as “Threshold 2,” both groups are on a same footing:  Microsoft’s refurbish takes many of these facilities out of preview and adds them to a “stable” build of Windows 10. And it’s not usually a PC that’s receiving an update; Microsoft is launching a New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) for a diversion console, too.

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Windows 10’s builds are so advanced, they’re from the future.

Microsoft has expelled 5 previews given July. All though arguably a initial dual have combined important facilities while also regulating bugs (and introducing some, within a beta build environment) along a way. (Microsoft told us right before a launch that a latest beta build represents a “release candidate” for a update, radically rolling adult a prior builds into a open release.)

We’ve picked 5 improvements we consider you’ll like most, formed on what we’ve seen of them in a beta builds that Microsoft expelled before a launch.

Why this matters:  We design updates to patch bugs—and Microsoft has finished so in successive rags given a open release. (One vitriolic example: Mail’s robe of unexpected disappearing, that now appears to be mostly fixed.) But Microsoft’s Nov refurbish recover can also be suspicion of as propaganda: For all of a 110 million people who have upgraded to Windows 10, that’s reduction than 8 percent of a PC market, according to Net Applications. Think of releases like “Threshold 2” as a carrot to captivate users to upgrade, with subsequent year’s ”recommended” upgrades to Windows 10 as a stick.

Cortana becomes your legal, party assistant

I think that Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, isn’t being employed utterly as many as Microsoft had hoped. Microsoft arch executive Satya Nadella recently pronounced that Microsoft’s 110 million users have usually asked Cortana some-more than a billion questions—a large number, though it works out to roughly 10 per user. 

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Using Cortana to conclude a authorised or financial tenure can be unequivocally handy.

To assistance her spin some-more popular, Microsoft has taught Cortana 3 new tricks: She marks your cinema and other ticketed events automatically, around your email; she can review “handwritten” records around a Surface stylus; and we can now “Ask Cortana” for additional context within PDFs. Ticket tracking is a good spin on a moody tracking capabilities that Google Now, Cortana, and Siri do, and Cortana’s newfound ability to know scrawled records will be accessible for those who use a Surface inscription frequently in an undocked mode. But highlighting a authorised tenure in a justice box or traffic with a debt lender is generally convenient. 

Microsoft’s answer to a Chromecast

Microsoft creatively dubbed this “media casting around Microsoft Edge,” and mentioned how Windows 10 can now expel to any Miracast or DLNA device connected on a same network. In reality, we substantially won’t know what inclination on your network are agreeable until we try to click a ellipsis menu on a tip left and name Cast Media to Device. In my house, they enclosed a Xbox One as good as a Roku 3. 

Article source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3003205/windows/microsoft-releases-a-windows-10-november-update-with-a-smarter-cortana-and-more.html

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